Thanks to the introduction of ecoATM to the consumer market. So 900 kiosks are available to possibly get cash. You can donate money or finally be able to safely recycle that device while shopping. Most of these ecoATM machines are at malls across the United States. That is a clear signal of the recurring revenue potential. So companies are now seeing to start growing green and in the black.

Aside from helping increase recycling efforts, the precious gold, silver, platinum and other metals. They have serious commodity potential for any company raking in old cellphones and devices. That means a secondary life for these electronics and completing the circle for sustainable practices. Productivity and work satisfaction, it’s also the best way to save money, energy, while teaching them to become stewards of the earth.

Does America Care to Recycle?
Of course American’s Care!

In a story reported that for America Recycles Day (Nov. 15), the Environmental Industry Associations commissioned the respected research organization Harris Interactive. All to survey Americans on their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to recycling. The survey data showed that Americans are overwhelmingly positive about recycling. However, we also need to expand recycling in public places.

As I’ve written before, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is preached by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I mean there are countless recycling programs.

For some are held across the country. However, few people actually recycle. So a survey has shown.

The online survey questioned 500 people, mostly between the ages of 18 and 34. All. to know their views on recycling. The verdict is out. Not even half of those questioned said they recycled while only about 30 percent said they encouraged others in their community to recycle.

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