Let’s talk air quality rating Folks. I mean although the risk of exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes is rarely talked about. I mean At ANY LENGTH does the media talk about this. Especially when compared to other preventable causes of death, such as consumption of alcohol or tobacco. So the statistics show that the number of deaths are similar.

It makes you wonder how differently we would feel if the chemicals emitted from car exhausts were visible in the air around us. How would our relationship with the combustion engine change?

Would we become more concerned about our health? More climate-conscious and more willing to take on the air pollution crisis?

Select Car Leasing has created 10 images of the most iconic cities on the planet to show what their busy streets would look like if humans could actually see the hazardous chemicals produced by vehicle exhausts once the initial plume of smoke has dissipated, in accordance with their air quality rating. See the shocking visuals displaying what we would see if exhaust emissions were visible around the world here: https://www. selectcarleasing.co.uk/news/, what-if-we-could-see-car-emissions.html
London: 25 – Air Quality Rating                     

Paris: 80 – Air Quality Rating

Air quality rating

Air quality index

What is the Air Quality Index? (AQI)
The AQI is an air quality rating system used by government agencies. Yes I mean around the world to gauge how polluted the air is in their cities. It’s currently the best indicator of how vehicle emissions are responsible for polluting our cities.

The index or rating system uses 5 criteria to gauge this:

  1. Particulate Matter (PM10 & PM2.5)
  2. Sulfur Dioxide (S02)

  3. Carbon Monoxide (CO)

  4. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

  5. Ozone (OZ)

So there are then 6 different levels when it comes to rating air quality. Because each with their own grade of health implications. These images highlight the real difference between each of these 6 different levels.

How Dangerous are Vehicle Exhaust Fumes Compared to Other Causes of Death?

In conclusion, would we be more willing to switch to more environmentally friendly transport methods. Especially if we could see the emissions surrounding us? These startling images make us think so.

Finally and to see more information into Air Quality Rating. As well as all 10 iconic cities with visible emissions here: https://www.selectcarleasing.co.uk

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