First off, who doesn’t love green transport huh?  Reduce our reliance on imported or any oil? Clean the air, the environment and even drive more effectively?  Yes an electric car is more secure and responsive than most of its counterparts.  I digress.

As I have written before: “What makes a city green? From recycling and green transportation, to forest preservation efforts and using the latest technology to provide energy to homes. These four American cities are at the forefront of ushering in a new era of sustainable change. Here’s what these green cities are doing to make our world a healthier place.” To read that entire post, click above.

In conclusion, thanks for Hertz for making this infographic about green transportation   Curious about green transportation and how it can help save costs and reduce carbon emissions? Check out this infographic from Hertz below.

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Infographic: Green transportation – Reduce your carbon footprint