As reported about air and eco or green hangars. I mean their need to go green. So are we enjoying something of a renaissance as a green hangar alternative for military. That’s for cargo and luxury travel purposes. The resurgence of the hybrid is by no means assured.

That’s because they don’t fly very fast.  As well as they don’t carry a whole lot more cargo than a large helicopter. Where they really excel is in the cool renderings department.

OPEN Architecture

Enter OPEN Architecture, which has provided some of the most creative and beautiful drawings of a hybrid green hangar. One that you’re going to see this year. (h/t Arch Daily)

The firm was asked by China Electronics Technology Group to enter a competition to design a green hangar for Maan Mountain in Auhui Province, China. That’s according to Arch Daily. The scale of the project is enormous: the hangar requires clearances of 100 meters by 300 meters by 100 meters to house the massive hybrids.

Structure Build

The structure arises from layers of earth. Those that are thrust upward by a geological process of uplift exposing a spatial pocket in the earth for airship operations. The manifested “natural” landform also seamlessly integrates with site both visually and systemically. Especially as a member of a self-sustaining networked ecology of tree-covered mountains and landscapes. The uplift landform acts not only as a structure to house the zeppelin; it is also an inhabitable landscape. Hiking trails, extreme vertical sports surface and viewing outposts clad the surface of the landform in providing leisure attraction to the surrounding area.

Green us military. zeppelin canopy or green hangar

In conclusion, OPEN, working with engineers CABR, created a structure with an area of 79,500 square meters (about 855,000 square feet). So rather than create a massive corrugated metal structure. Let’s do the OPEN team created with a simulated hill and green roof. Thereby dotted by cuts that let in natural light. It’s does help with ventilation and manage rainwater.

Finally, the structure would be used by for hiking trails. As well as climbing walls and platforms for taking in the scenery. Even if, as seems very likely, the hangar is never built. So it is still a remarkable site to behold.

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