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Travelers seeking a nature oasis to celebrate Earth Day. Yet we all can’t go because of COVID-19. Yet on April 22nd think about not looking further than Las Brisas Ixtapa. It’s a watering hole for outdoor enthusiasts on the coast of Mexico.

Built by famed architect Ricardo Legorreta. So Las Brisas Ixtapa was built to exemplify a mountain. One displaying its natural beauty. Nestled into the side of the mountain on one of the most secluded beaches of the Mexican Pacific Riviera. So the resort features a contemporary design throughout the property and surrounded by lush greenery.

Las Brisas Ixtapa offers many fun and exciting outdoor activities for guests to emerge themselves in the environment and become one with nature. Activities include:

1.  Sea Turtle Release Parties – Female Sea Turtles are known for laying their eggs on the shore nestled in the sand leaving the babies to waddle back to the water once they hatch. Each time this occurs on the beaches of Las Brisas Ixtapa the staff at the hotel throws a Sea Turtle release party in celebration of these little hatchlings and admire as they make their way to the Pacific Ocean. 

2.  Nature Walk – Las Brisas Ixtapa’s nature walk that grants guests the opportunity to explore Ixtapa’s natural beauty surrounding the water and celebrate the wildlife that inhabits the path. The property and beaches are filled with gorgeous vegetation, making visitors feel as though they’re stepping through the jungle.

3.  Bike Tours – Travelers can venture out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Boulevard Ixtapa on a bicycle. Tour guides are available Thursdays and Sundays, and guests can book with the Las Brisas concierge.

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