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Bye bye Iris by Lowe’s!!

Don’t throw away those Iris Version 1 Zigbee Devices!

Hubitat, Inc., Mar 27, 2019, 13:08 ET, SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.

March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire / — Hubitat, Inc. announced today they have added support for Iris by Lowe’s by Iris Version 1 Zigbee Devices.

Lowe’s announced recently that they closed the Iris platform on March 31, 2019.

After this date, their closed cloud platform would no longer work. Furthermore and that Version 1 devices could not be used with other platforms.  Early Iris customers bought devices (contact sensors, motion sensors, plug-in outlets, key fobs and more) that were unable to be used on other system. That’s until now.

It seems that one Hubitat engineer figured out how they communicated with the Iris cloud based system.

So Mike Maxwell, Principle Engineer, realized that flexible Hubitat Elevation allows local control and communication. All with these devices directly.  After two weeks of work, Mike had a proof of concept in a YouTube video. Also and Parallel to Mike’s efforts, Hubitat received hundreds of inquiries asking if their Iris Version 1 devices would work with Hubitat Elevation.

So Despite the closed cloud based system, Mike and the rest of the Hubitat team were able to take his proof of concept. Take it and integrate it into the platform and release it as part of the 2.0.8 software release available today.

So Iris users who purchased these v1 Zigbee sensors that could not be moved to other platforms. So they are offering prepaid Visas for those sensors.

In conclusion, those users can now use that money to buy Hubitat Elevation, which normally retails for $149.95 in the US and Canada. This is at a discounted price of and free shipping at

Availability and Pricing

Finally, Hubitat Elevation is available from

Source: Hubitat, Inc.,

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