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Stephen Killough contends that even with the high cost of solar cells, it costs less to run vehicles on solar energy than on gasoline.

Charging an electric vehicle with sunlight costs less than running a vehicle on gasoline.  Are solar cells a waste of money? Not if you compare them to gasoline according this EV World article.


This is unconditionally why the Green Living Guy loves renewable energy. We also believe in the motto of “Pollution Free, Oil Free, It’s Good To Be Free!”

This is also why my company ETS Energy Store, LLC and now a Division called Solar Power 4 Your Home offers renewable energy, solar energy and energy storage consulting for the specific use of vehicle power. That’s because energy combined with solar is game over for other energy!

I am glad that this is coming to the forefront after at least 10 years of this information being available.

V2G. Vehicle to Grid

Crisis creates change!

So in conclusion, Electricity combined with solar power is now the cheapest way to power new homes. So, in a solar power vs gas showdown, solar wins.
That’s according to a new report from Alternative Technology Australia (ATA).
The ATA report, Household Fuel Choice in the National Energy Market, found new homes powered only by electricity combined with solar panels could save owners up to $18,000 over ten years, when compared to electric and gas powered homes without solar.

Source: EV World and Energy Matters

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