LED replacements for downlight retrofits In schools is so responsible. All to give the best learning environment possible. That’s for the benefit of their students and also the faculty.  But with ever-tightening school budgets and fewer resources schools get antsy. So schools face a great challenge. Schools need to find new avenues to continue to affordably deliver on that obligation.kidsled schools doing LED downlight retrofits

Lunera Lighting recently provided 76 of its ENERGY STAR® certified Helen Lamp SSL Downlight Retrofits to the San Miguel School in a suburb of Washington D.C. to help the school retrofit their installed CFL recessed lights with warm, energy-efficient LEDs.  The school thrilled to upgrade to daylight quality LED light in its library, multi-purpose assembly room, hallways, cafeteria, and restrooms.

BallastLED technology

Lunera’s proprietary BallastLED technology integrates inside the Helen Lamp SSL Downlight Retrofits to make the lamps simple to install. San Miguel alumni and interns plugged the 13W LED lamps directly into existing CFL fixtures during summer vacation eliminating installation disruption and costs.

Students and faculty members commented about the noticeably improved 900-delivered lumen lighting. Each area that upgraded in the school has revealed a different benefit.

Under the existing CFL lighting, the third floor library was looking tired and cold. The near daylight warmth of the Helen Lamp SSL Downlight Retrofit brought the area back. Back to light and life. Therefore creating a better study environment. Students can now do their homework at school. All under great light instead of at home in a poorly lit site.

The library transformed into a warm, inviting, daylight-filled space for reading and studying. “It was like we suddenly had more windows, the library filled with daylight,” said Don Mullikin, President of San Miguel School.

It’s impressive when the simple act of changing a lamp can change lives. The school’s lighting energy use lowered by 15.9 kWh. Thereby saving $2,100 annually. Further proving Lunera’s lamps are valuable to own. Lunera’s Helen Lamp SSL Downlight Retrofits are also reliable to operate with their 50,000 hour lifetime that lasts five times longer than the now obsolete CFLs they replaced.   lunera

Thanks to Lunera. Finally and now the San Miguel School is experiencing beautiful light and saving money at the same time.

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