Mission Hills Haikou, one of the most noteworthy and world’s largest golf resorts in China. It has received the international sustainability GEO Certified® accolade. An accolade from the highly regarded Golf Environment Organization (GEO).

The resort is by far largest single facility to receive this award. It has made protecting the environment and managing natural resources their main priorities. Consequently since the property’s beginning. One as a pioneer in developing golf in China.


GEO Certified®, golf’s international mark of sustainability. In addition it’s also administered and assured by the not-for-profit Golf Environment Organization (GEO). Plus it’s thereby independently assessed. In addition, GEO Certified® recognizing golf businesses that show a commitment. A great commitment furthermore providing a lot more. That’s so much more meaning and so much more value to people and nature. Especially at the facilities they manage.

Located on Hainan Island, Mission Hills Haikou is well-known as Asia’s sport and furthermore lifestyle capital. With ten diverse courses suitable for a range of playing abilities. Mission Hills Haikou hosts many professional and most interestingly amateur tournaments. Ones therefore including the 2014 World Celebrity Pro-Am in October last year. That was most importantly China’s first carbon neutral major sporting event.

So it’s In keeping with Mission Hills’ commitment to protecting nature. Thereby proceeds from last year’s tournament donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

China golf resort Mission Hills Haikou awarded for sustainability

Constructed on 15,000 acres of permeable black lava rock, strict management and monitoring systems put in at Mission Hills Haikou to ensure conservation of ground water.

In addition, preserving more than 20,000 mature trees during the resort’s development. Plus and more importantly the ongoing replanting of over 50,000 more trees. Thereby restoring and enhancing natural habitats. Habitats therefore that are home to native wildlife species. The ten golf courses have been carefully constructed and designed to work with and conform to the surrounding natural landscape.

Furthermore, the resort is also committed to people providing attractive job opportunities. Especially for local people. So as a China leader in fair wages and benefits staff, all provided social insurance. Furthermore, a housing fund and health benefit system. Finally professional development opportunities with training.

In the on site evaluation of Mission Hills Haikou, it noted that Mission Hills demonstrated exceptional standards and a commitment to continual improvement in keys areas of sustainability. Therefore enhancing nature, efficient resource use, and community engagement. As well as management of courses and golf infrastructure. Finally and more noteworthy, all exceeded voluntary industry criteria.

Among the impressive sustainability initiatives of Mission Hills Haikou, GEO highlighted:

1. Site designated a Global Low-Carbon Ecological Scenic Spot in 2013 by the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS)

2. ISO 140041 Certified

3. Solar powered golf carts, wind and solar hybrid road lights

4. Efficient air-source pump and heat recovery system provides hot water to clubhouse and hotel

5. 100% irrigation water self-sufficient from treated waste water and rainwater stored in seven artificial lakes

6. Annual tree planting program to enhance native habitats

7. Local volcanic rock reused as construction materials for buildings. Plus paths and decorative features.

8. Preservation of historic stone village ruin with 1km education trail. All for visitors to explore local heritage and natural volcanic landscape.

9. Strong collaboration with multiple stakeholders. For example, local government, NGO’s, universities, schools, media. All to promote sustainable concepts.

10. Wide variety of sustainability communication channels. They include website, newsletters, e-magazine, notice boards and brochures.

11. Focus on hiring local staff and be an employer of thousands of people in many specializations. All with strong continuous professional development opportunities.

Finally, GEO Certified® is a member of ISEAL Alliance. In conclusion, this is the global assurance body for credibility in sustainability standards. An independent on-site and written evaluation by a 3rd party verifier ensures credibility.

Sources: Mission Hills Group and The Golf Environment Organization

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