The main question which hits up in our minds is what is meant by green living? Going green is a term that many people use. However, only a few people know the right meaning and have an accurate understanding of green life. Green living is a complete lifestyle and a way of transforming your life; that assists in protecting and saving the environment and mother Earth. It helps to bring balance in the protection and safety of mother earth in every possible approach — green living seconds to protect the Earth’s habitats, resources, biodiversity, and communities.

According to the EPA, which is an abbreviation of Environmental protection agency, green living is on creating sustainable decisions on how we travel, what we eat, what we dispose of, what we use, and its impacts on the surroundings. We can be vigilant and perform in our daily life tasks in such a manner that it leads to protecting the environment and the climate. The clear decisions which we make can shape a lifestyle that is both sustainable and healthy. Earth is our home, our protection, and our shield. It is us on whom it depends on how we heal and manage our house. Our usual and routine choices influence the environment and the climate.

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