multiforcepro ss-25 Steam cleaner for better air quality

HAAN Corporation provided me a MultiforcePro SS-25 steam cleaner to test. Well it’s amazing and helps improve indoor air quality. EPA even states that it’s worse than outdoor pollution; indoor air quality needs a lot of work for humans.

I tested the first-of-its-kind MultiforcePro SS-25 features a high-speed scrubbing and buffing motion that works in tandem with 20 steam jets.

The unit’s CR Motion™ (counter-reciprocating) technology really has revolutionized the steam category. The natural pull-and-push motion of standard steam mops by creating 850 counter-reciprocating movements per minute. It totally enables the machine to power clean. So for case too it improves the indoor air quality. So ditch the steam cleaning you get for car. It is really paying itself back In less than one year! I had a really really dirty interior of my car that needed a steam cleaning. I put this machine to the test for at least an hour and a half straight. It did such a great job. I have more to clean but this machine is an Eco powerhouse. Why? It’s powered by steam not toxic cleaners that in the end do NOTHING like a steam cleaning. NOTHING!!

Among the most adaptable of all HAAN products, the MultiforcePro SS-25 is capable of cleaning almost any surface, including tile, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, carpet, wooden deck boards and stone patios.

Romi Haan, President and CEO of HAAN USA. “HAAN prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology while creating versatile and chemical-free products with the consumers’ best interest in mind.”

Sources: HAAN Corporation

Note: HAAN only gave me the product to test valued at $239.95. They did not pay me for my post or my own opinions.

Lancaster, Pa. (February 20, 2014) —

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