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When you think of green energy technology, one mostly goes windmills and solar panels. Maybe even energy storage. Or you even think of biofuels.

However, the silent winners are technologies on computers. Moreover, processor chips and also electronic safety systems. Because they are just as important at maintaining energy efficiency of these systems.

Because companies are doing work creating technologies. However that technology promotes clean energy or preserving resources. So here’s a look at some of the latest innovations in green energy technology!

Data centers


Computer-on-modules are highly integrated systems at data centers. They allow companies to easily expand or customize their operations. So this complex system includes a central processing unit. A unit that provides basic functionality with baseboards. So they are providing application-specific features.

So as a result all with a highly integrated, PC-compatible embedded computer module. Then energy companies quickly and efficiently expand their operations. As well as making tweaks that conserve energy and reduce waste.

Not only are those savings good for the environment; they are good for company bottom-line. Those cost savings increase capital for further research and development. That R&D goes toward advancing clean energy. Also they can be passed along to consumers.

As I’ve written before:

Data Center Owners know Energy Efficiency because Data Centers can Save Cash

Look to be specific, energy costs are rising constantly. So energy efficiency is essentially crucial for data centers.

So now there are teams of people at companies running around figuring out how to save energy. That’s because savings equals dollars.

So we can’t drive up complexity with extra hardware. That increases energy consumption and lowers your total gains.

Also another example is EDP Renewables (EDPR). They are the 3rd largest renewable energy company in the United States. It is leveraging technology to harness the power of big data. All with efforts resulting in more than $200 million in ROI in the first 24 months of implementation.

EDPR is the owner of 29 wind farms. It was struggling to integrate external and internal data that it collected. This data was weather patterns, energy grid information, turbine performance. They wanted to get smart and integrate this data within its systems.

So how do some of the biggest energy consumers lower their carbon footprint? Through renewable energy sources and other innovative means. All to keep those data servers cool. These are how today’s data centers are preparing for tomorrow’s world of energy.

Durable Computer Systems

The computer systems and energy applications are put through serious tests. Also, they are subjected to shocks. As well as vibrations from heavy machinery that operate. In addition they are exposed to very high temperatures.

Furthermore, they are coated in dust from other processes. All of these factors cause malfunctions that can prematurely fail. They cause computer systems to be inefficient. So calibrating the machine and energy processes incorrectly is bad. Because then you’re creating a lot of waste.Making data centers efficient renewable energy

Innovations in green energy technology are specialized computer systems. System that stand up to damaging influences. They run perfectly under challenging conditions. Also, they are smart and get better at reducing waste. That ensures proper distributions of energy and resources.


Safety Technology

To be blunt, power plants cause devastation when they fail. The safety technology used at these plants is critical to promoting and advancing clean energy.

So VME (Versa Module Europa) technology is implemented at power plants. All to create a fail-safe system. One protecting the energy resources at these plants. In addition to workers, people and wildlife in the area.

Green energy technology is improving VME

So VME systems are strong. They  withstand shocks of earthquakes and extreme fluctuations in temperature. Finally, even influences from electromagnetic signals.

Then multiple companies add parts for the systems.  All therefore to ensure failures don’t happen. Especially across a power plant network. For example, one part of the plant can shut down. Especially if problems occur.

Then the system and applications are put through multiple tests. Tests ensuring the system withstands every kind of situations.

So phones are fashion. Yet the cloud and big data centers are a wasteful industry. So I’ve heard of a company called Interxion (NYSE: INXN). I have heard they are pioneers in this green technology. A green tech provides the excess heat to surrounding communities. That’s all throughout Europe too. Yes folks, Interxion makes data centers essential. Moreover vital to their host cities. This is also the most important environmental initiative.

In conclusion, new technology create additional sources of energy. They also create new conservation efforts.

Similarly, data storage is big business. In fact, photos, videos, documents and files are stored in the cloud aka data centers!

First of all, data centers help you automate backups. Also they help you to sync across all your devices effortlessly. Also these data centers are a global thing.

So President Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement for the USA. However, other entities in the USA disagree. They do not share the same sentiment.

In particular, US data center operators are for climate change initiatives. Because they are the largest industrial consumers of energy. Not just in the US but all over the world. Face it, operational costs drive energy consumption.

Finally, innovations in green energy technology create amazing savings.

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