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Kia Motors Corporation has won big at the 2020 World Car Awards with the Soul EV ‘World Urban Car’.

The fully-electric Soul EV was named the ideal car for the city by the jury. One combining zero-emission performance. As well as impressive electric range. I mean a car with a compact body, bold design, and high levels of practicality.

Kia Soul EV

This is also one of the hardest-fought competitions. Yes folks in the global automotive industry. Therefore proving that the Soul EV is a truly outstanding vehicle.

The winners of the World Car Awards are decided by an independent international jury. It’s comprising 86 highly-experienced, well-respected automotive journalists. They are from 24 countries around the world.

The compact Kia Soul EV features a powerful battery-electric powertrain with a choice of 64 or 39.2 kWh battery packs. Able to travel up to 452 kilometers on a single charge (64 kWh models; WLTP ‘combined’ cycle).

So the Soul EV offers drivers greater all-electric range. More than many more expensive electric vehicles. Therefore making it the ideal companion. One that both in the urban environment and beyond city limits.

Finally with a series of advanced range-increasing technologies. More regenerative braking also ensures drivers can maximize the distance. All on a single charge.

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