Navajo youth entering the electric school bus

Green Car Congress reports that more than 100 electric school buses are coming to town. All powered by a Cummins fully electric drivetrain. Most importantly and have been ordered to date. For they went to Blue Bird Corporation.

For those that don’t know, Blue Bird Corporation os a school bus manufacturer. Since I worked for NYSERDA I knew. For I knew they were highly focused on alternative fuel technologies.

Blue Bird electric buses are already operating in California, North Dakota and Washington.

Additional buses on order. For they will transport students in California and Colorado. In addition to New Jersey, New York and Québec. All later in 2020 pre-COVID-19.


Blue Bird has been working with electric technology in school buses since 1994. So they recently partnered with the Cummins Electrified Power business segment. (Earlier post.) Cummins produces the all-electric drivetrains that power Blue Bird’s Vision Electric and All American Electric buses. 

The partnership brings more than 30 years of electric drivetrain experience to this fast-growing segment.

Most importantly and almost 200 combined years of leadership in customer support. 

Over the next three years, Cummins is investing $500 million in electrification. All to bring dependable, high quality, fully electric and hybrid solutions to market across a wide range of applications.

Cummins and Blue Bird are committed to supporting customers. Moreover and ensuring that they are safely transporting and our children! Now more importantly, improving air quality for communities. 

Schools can also count on Cummins. Especially to deliver the same level of support and service network for these electric buses. Those that they have always delivered through on. For that’s more than 200 wholly-owned branch locations. Finally and 3,200 service technicians in North America.

—Julie Furber, vice president of electrified power at Cummins

The Blue Bird electric bus delivers benefits to students, drivers and taxpayers.

The buses produce zero emissions. Moreover it improves air quality and require less maintenance. Therefore saving districts time and money. The buses are capable of up to 120 miles of range. For they can be recharged in approximately eight hours. Finally and using a standard SAE J1772 Level 2 charger. Then making overnight charging convenient.

Source: Green Car Congress, 21 August 2019

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