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If you want to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, your home first please. Because it is the first place you need to consider. And the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your house.

For it is the heart of your home.

All where you can make a lot of positive changes. Simply making a few small, easy changes is enough. Again and all to have a strong impact on your health and also the environment.

The kitchen is usually a place where a lot of waste is created. Although it is, in fact, a great place to practice sustainability and to use green alternatives. Here are some easy tips to help you transform your kitchen into a more eco-friendly space.

Grow your own food

Junk food is bad for your health and for the environment, while fresh food sustains our bodies and the ecosystem. Make a decision to gradually replace processed foods with fresh ones and even start growing your own food. For example, you can use growing kits for mushrooms to always have fresh mushrooms. Why: so you can give up the canned version. 

You can also grow a lot of herbs and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and scallions. Some of the herbs and veggies can be grown from kitchen scraps and others from seeds. With little effort, you can enjoy different kinds of salads, garnishes and grilled veggies, by using your own fresh produce. Mushrooms and herbs don’t require a lot of space or special care.

Here’s some immediate green solutions for your home

Every time you give up processed foods, snacks, junk foods and red meat, you are indirectly reducing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a huge boost for the Planet. Go for fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish and opt for traditional cooking methods. Simplicity is the best way to become more eco-friendly. Grow as many vegetables as you can and choose fresh foods.

Remove kitchen items that are toxic for the environment

The simple rule is to use natural, unprocessed materials, as much as possible. A lot of common kitchen items are more dangerous than we think because they are made from toxic materials. These are gradually affecting our health and are contributing to the overall pollution. For example, cans are coated with BPA on the inside.

This toxic substance has been linked to serious health problems, and that’s why it’s best to avoid it. Try to stop buying canned food and make your own food preserves. Any type of plastic containers are also polluting factors, as well as plastic bags. Try to use glass or porcelain items for storage and reusable bags made of natural fibers.

Non-stick pans and aluminum foil are controversial kitchen items that produce dangerous chemicals. Especially when they are exposed to high temperatures. 

All household cleaners are also notorious for causing health problems and polluting the environment. You can easily find green alternatives for dishwashers and floor cleaners. There are also easy DIY detergent recipes. All with simple ingredients, that you can try.

In conclusion and in order to reduce kitchen waste as much as possible, recycle. I mean whenever it is possible. Finally and turn kitchen scraps into compost.

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