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Sustainable Westchester Electric Vehicle Discount Program Kicks off!

Exclusive Electric Vehicle Discount Offers!

We just got our first two dealerships. We will be announcing more over time. Here’s the deal with Nissan of New Rochelle and Rivera Toyota in Mount Kisco.

So yes folks. Whether a first-time buyer or looking to replace your current electric vehicle; we are here. I mean as Sustainable Westchester, through its Clean Transportation project. For we are making it even easier and more cost effective to get an EV. Also, through these exclusive partner discount opportunities!

Nissan Leaf: Nissan of New Rochelle is offering additional, exclusive Sustainable Westchester discounts on both 2019 & 2020 Nissan Leaf! The offer is available through September 30, 2020 – so act now. You can be heading to the beach or ‘leaf-peeping’ this Fall in your new vehicle. Learn more about the Leaf at Nissan Leaf

Now I know you all are waiting for the new Nissan Ariya. Yet here’s the thing. Only Leaf customers get first crack at the car. Common!! Get the Leaf!

Toyota RAV4 hybrid electric car
Toyota RAV4 hybrid electric car

Toyota: Now through the end of 2020, Rivera Toyota in Mount Kisco has joined in and offering exclusive discounts. That’s on the Prius Prime an RAV4 Prime. Might be the perfect time to drive electric! Good for the planet and for you!

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