Green Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs in the Workplace

It’s so easy for germs to spread. Moreover and especially around the workplace. This is also because people work in close proximity.  I remember when I worked at the State. Now it’s a while ago but the relative formatting is the same. People aren’t too close but frankly close enough to each other. Then some eat and drink at their desk, and colleagues share toilets. Sorry I mean they do!  Also don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water! Especially when “Sharing” work materials.

Because without proper precaution, it’s so darn easy for a single illness. Please, don’t get me started. All to affect the entire office space within a matter of days.

Therefore, let’s find “green ways” to prevent the spread of germs all throughout the workplace. All ideas will guaranteed protect people. I mean without doing “too much harm” to the environment. Eh hem…

Here are some useful ideas for your office. 

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Social Distancing

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s made us all aware of the importance and the effectiveness of social distancing. Rearranging the office spaces. All to enforce social distancing.

For it’s an environmentally friendly way to prevent spreading germs. Especially in the workplace. This is because people won’t be sitting so close to each other.

I mean that’s gotta reduce the risk of people catching “something” from “someone”. Especially when they cough, sneeze or even breathe. 

Provide Hand Sanitizer

Educating employees on how to clean their hands. It’s encouraging them to do so on a regular basis. For it’s a simple and highly effective way of reducing the spread of disease. 

You should make hand sanitizer available to all staff. Even guests who come to the office.  I mean heck make it as it is easy to use. Moreover effective and reduces water use.

So using a refillable hand sanitizer will reduce plastic waste. All which will be kinder to the environment. You should also consider using eco-friendly hand sanitizing products. 

Adding Protection

Look to see If there isn’t enough room to implement social distancing in the office. Because then you should consider adding protection. For example: sneeze guards.

For this is the perfect solution to reduce the spread of germs in minutes. Adding this kind of protection to your office will help to reduce anxiety and will make staff feel less concerned.

If colleagues want to wear face masks while they work; I guess let them. Then you should suggest reusable ones. I mean rather than environmentally damaging disposable ones. I have seen disgusting parking lots near me right when COVID-19 started. People who were environmental then throwing plastic gloves on the ground!  WIF?!

Encourage Remote Work

Remote working is also a great way to reduce the spread of germs. It can also encourage social distancing. For it’s less people then will be in the office.

It also allows people who are high risk or experiencing symptoms of an illness to stay away from healthy workers and continue to be productive. It also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment, as people will have to travel less. If anyone in the office feels sick, you should not make them feel bad about asking for time off. 

Clean Regularly 

Keeping an office clean requires a lot of work. For that’s especially if you have a lot of employees. Look, I mean, to really reduce the spread of germs. Think clean! Like, I mean you should use strong, eco-friendly products to clean the workplace. Think I want to give little zing but all throughout the day.

In addition, you should also provide employees with access to products and encourage them to clean their workspaces regularly. For this will reduce the workload for the office. I mean getting and staying cleaner. All to ensure the environment remains clean all day. 

In conclusion, there are many effective ways to reduce the spread of germs in an office. However and unfortunately, some of these methods can have a negative effect on the environment. Therefore, educating employees on the ways to protect themselves. Finally and all without damaging the environment. I mean for me, it’s so very important.

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