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Camping is an activity that takes place outdoors. It includes a stay or a number or stays away from home in a shelter, usually a tent or a recreational vehicle. Traditionally, participants prefer to leave built-up areas to spend more time in nature usually in pursuit of activities or just relax.

There’s a little more to camping than people realize so it’s good to have a little knowledge before heading out in the wild. Here’s an ultimate beginner guide. 

Tent Or RV?

Your first choice to make before heading out into the open world is to decide what kind of accommodation you want to go with. This will also have a say on where you stay and what kind of campsite it is. 


Tents are great fun and despite the belief of many, they aren’t that hard to pitch. There are even pop-up and inflatable tents available on the market. But if you want the true experience then going for something that requires erecting properly is the only way to go. Many wonders if they are going to keep warm when staying in a tent and the answer to that question is given in the form of a few others. Where are you staying? If you decide to camp high altitude way up in the north then it’s going to be cold no matter what, but somewhere south might prove a little hotter. How good is the tent? Cheaper tents aren’t designed to last, invest in something decent and you’ll be much comfier. Am I Prepared? If the shelter is decent, then your other equipment is important, but we will move on to that a bit later on. 


Recreational Vehicles are motor vehicles or trailers that include living quarters. Many of the larger examples will have different rooms making travel quite the luxury. The kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, the possibilities are endless. RVs are much easier to pitch than a tent as it’s ready and waiting as you pull up, the only thing you’ll need to do is unhook everything in the back. Some campsites won’t allow RV’s but there are plenty of other places you can visit. These days there are a number of RV clubs that will give you access to a whole host of benefits. Campsites can be rather expensive so being part of a club will help alleviate some of those costs. If you want to find out if RV life is for you, there are affordable travel trailers out there that also come with great features, more at Camperguide.

However as I’ve written before, the GREEN WAY to do it is Remove yourself from daily stress and recharge your life. All in a Vistabule teardrop trailer with roof-integrated solar energy. Now you can also find peace way off the grid and still have a piece of home. Lights? Fan? Phone? Computer? Camera? Refrigerator? Heater? Not to mention also the snuggly bed and a full-kitchen.

Most noteworthy is the design of the Vistabule Teardrop trailer. For it harkens back to the 1950’s, but the amenities are oh, so new   I mean starting with built-in solar panels by Sunflare.

Outdoor adventurists can have flexible solar panels built into the roof. Thereby capturing solar energy throughout the day. That makes it easier to power your stuff at night. You know, so once you are ready to lift your kicks as evening falls. Then all for you to do is open the wine.

The optional, customized panels are flexible and bend with the curve of the trailer’s roof to keep the Vistabule’s beautiful design line highly refined.

Unlike traditional silicon panels, Sunflare’s solar panels are thin and lightweight, adding no drag and virtually no poundage to the trailer. So “going solar” won’t slow you down.

The other amenities also leave the 50’s in the dust. Vistabule features several large windows, a full-size sofa bed, interior and exterior lights, a two-burner cooktop, a sink with running water, and a remote fan, as well as storage space for all your gear.

The camper even has a collapsible coffee table and drop-down nightstand tables. The trailer itself is light and can be towed by almost any car

What Am I Going To Need?

You can go overboard when preparing a camping trip due to the number of accessories available on the market. To begin with, sticking to the essentials and going for a trip will help you see what you need for your personal needs when camping. You might discover that you simply can’t have an evening without music, so the next trip will include a portable speaker. But the question is, what are the essentials aside from the accommodation? 

Sleeping Bag

One of the most important bits of kit you’ll have when staying in a tent. Depending on the predicted weather will depend on what sleeping bag you’ll require. The rating system used for sleeping bags is called seasons and it’s pretty logical.

● season refers to the summer months.

● The season is slightly warmer, looking at late spring to early autumn.

● The season is late autumn and early winter.

● seasons is for winter camps that can reach sub-zero temps. 

Choose the right sleeping bag for the time of year you’re heading out in and you’ll find yourself far more comfortable. Recreational vehicles tend to have beds so a good duvet will serve you well. 


This will be carrying all of your stuff when camping, so it’s important to get something that’s not going to let you down. A larger pack up to 80/90L is preferable when going for longer trips as you’ll have far more room. Investing in something slightly more expensive will mean it will live a much longer life than it’s cheaper cousins.


The RV is set up with a cooker and a stove, but the tent is not. There are plenty of different types of cooking equipment available but remember you have to carry them wherever you’re going so the larger camping stoves might not be what’s needed. A single compact system that uses a small gas canister might be better if you’re planning on climbing a mountain and camping halfway. 

In conclusion, the rest seems to be self-explanatory. For you’ll need to take food to cook on your mini stove and clothes that will see you through cold mornings and warm afternoons. If you’re wild camping then remember to take your own water as there won’t be any taps to walk to. If luxury is your thing then using a recreational vehicle is going to be preferable. There are home comforts inside and it’s easier to make a nice meal and keep warm. If you’re a thrill-seeker, however, then pitching a tent is going to be far more fulfilling. There’s nothing quite like waking up in a tent overlooking a beautiful view, with a cup of tea in hand.

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