Nowadays as we work more from home our workplace energy efficiency is essential. For it seems that homeowners are open and even eager to take the necessary measures that allow the home to be more energy efficient. Reducing the carbon footprint of the home is often a big priority and homeowners are only too happy to install special features, make tweaks, and do the research that saves on energy and therefore cuts down on living expenses. But what about the workplace environment?

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The workplace energy efficiency idea is actually an opportunity. For it offers all those same opportunities for energy savings but usually on a much larger scale. If you own your own company and you’re looking for a way to be more environmentally conscious, make the company more energy efficient, and enjoy the benefit of lower utility costs, then these steps are a great place to get started with.

Embrace LED Lighting

One of the first ways you can start to realize significant energy savings is by embracing LED lighting. It’s time to switch out all the old incandescent or fluorescent lights and replace them with LED lighting. 

Some of the benefits of LED lighting include the fact that they use significantly less energy to power – up to 80% less. Also, the bulbs themselves can last around 50,000 hours which could translate to up to 11 years, and they don’t get hot to the touch so they won’t heat up the space. Additionally, you can create an entire lighting design using warm or cool white LED lights.

Get Rid of Desktop Computers and Use Laptops Instead

Another way you could be saving money is by making the switch from a bulky desktop that is constantly drawing energy and replacing it with laptops for the entire office. The fact that the laptop is smaller means it will require less energy to power, and many times the laptop won’t even be plugged in.

It will also help to make it an office rule that computers/laptops are switched to hibernation mode when stepping away from the desk.

Use a Programmable Thermostat 

One of the most important tools in the home for energy savings is a programmable thermostat, and the same can be said about the workplace. Installing one of these devices will allow you to set the temperature based on the time of day. Clearly you want it to be comfortable during the work hours of the day, and then in the evening and on weekends the furnace or air conditioning unit doesn’t need to work as hard.

Also, try setting the heat 1-2 degrees lower in the winter, and the air conditioner 1-2 degrees warmer in the summer. That small adjustment can result in huge energy savings over the course of the year and shouldn’t be enough to notice in terms of comfort.

Make an Effort to Go Paperless

This could also be a great time to make the effort to go paperless, or at least as paperless as possible. This results in less paper used, obviously, so there is a cost savings, and there is that impact it has on the environment when you are using less products and creating less waste.

Savings You Can Feel Good About

In conclusion, each of these tips will help to make your office much more energy efficient and result in some rather significant savings.

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