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For This Event Will Feature Live Feed from Host Country Colombia and UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

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Stockholm, 5 June 2020–Climate social network leader ‘We Don’t Have Time’ supported UN World Environment Day. All with a special, more than 9-hour, broadcast. It occurred on 5 June. All under the global theme Time For Nature.

In addition, Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO and Founder of Stockholm-based We Don’t Have Time, said: “Like our shared atmosphere, the Earth’s variety of animal, plant and other species is under threat. I mean under extraordinary pressure and undergoing alarming levels of extinctions”.

I have written before:

The warming of the climate is unequivocal. Especially and since the 1950s. As well, many of the observed changes are unprecedented. Yes folks over decades to millennia.

As well as the atmosphere and the ocean have warmed. So also have the amounts of snow and ice diminished. Finally, sea levels are rising. As well as the concentrations of greenhouse gases have constantly increased. Even after COVID-19. I mean our CO2 PPM levels are off the rocker folks.

Each of the last three decades were successively warmer. That’s I mean all at the Earth’s surface. More than any preceding decade since 1850!

Climate affecting the icecaps

Changes in many extreme weather and climate events have been observed. All since about 1950.

Finally and most importantly, it is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.

The IPCC does not mince words. And even despite a frontal assault by climate skeptics. All attempting to use the scientific nuances of the report to sow doubt, meh. Finally, the conclusions stand as a rock.

The We Don’t Have Time World Environment Day  (WED)will showcase the people. Also the policies and the plans that can make a difference. Meaning to reverse the rate of loss of species. As well as doing so by playing a key role in raising climate ambitions. All of these comments were in part made by Mr Rentzhog.

I mean it shouldn’t have to take not a pandemic like Covid-19. Indeed the future of many conferences and events I believe will be online. Especially as we all look to balance the need to ‘meet’ and to raise ambition.

Most noteworthy, World Environment Day has been hosted every year on 5 June since 1974. The global event is also coordinated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

From the We Don’t Have Time studios the broadcast will see the launch of a specially composed song. One by most noteworthy Swedish-based composer Peter Elmberg. 

For it is called Honouring our Mother Earth (H.O.M.E), it has also been compiled with the voices of 100 climate youth activists. All consequently from around the globe.

Green Economy Expert Sukhdev Key Guest—”Time has come for humanity to go through its next evolution

In addition, the studios will also welcome one of the world’s foremost authorities on the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity. Moreover a pioneer of the pathways to a Green Economy. For it is Indian-born banker, and UNEP Good Will Ambassador Pavan Sukhdev.

For I have written before: 

Biodiversity is also a fundamental building block of the services that ecosystems deliver to human societies. Intrinsically important because of its contribution to the functioning of ecosystems. Essentially biodiversity.

Climate change

So the variation of life at the genetic, species and ecosystem levels of biological organization are difficult or impossible to recover. As well as replace.  I mean once it is eroded.

Therefore. with robust scientific evidence. All showing that human-induced climate change is occurring. Therefore it is critical to understand how species diversity and sensitive ecosystems might be affected.

Climate Change, Biodiversity, Ecosystems 

First of all, climate change is also already affecting U.S. biodiversity and ecosystems. Yes folks, I mean that’s including changes in our growing seasons. That’s also including:

1. phenology

2. primary production

3 and species distributions and diversity.

In addition, climate change I know is increasing in importance. Especially as a driver for changes needed in biodiversity. Most importantly, these changes must occur over the next several decades.

Although for most ecosystems we are good. For it is not currently the largest driver of change.

To mark WED, Mr Sukhdev and his team at the Global Initiative for Sustainable Tomorrow. For they call it I360X. Now it is being hailed as the world’s first impact assessment on-line platform. One that will moreover allow large corporations. All to evaluate how their operations are affecting  people, communities and the environment.

Furthermore, a wide ranging interview with German radio station Deutsche Welle was released in advance of World Environment Day. So Mr Sukhdev outlined the critical importance of moving companies from engines of damage and destruction, to entities of change. All that balances economics with social and environmental benefits.

He said: “I’m an optimist, because, as Winston Churchill said, it’s pointless to be anything else. The reason I’m an optimist is that I do see changes going on”.

Stockholm studios broadcasted a live feed on the World Environment Day 2020 host nation Colombia.

Finally, the We Don’t Have Time World Environment Day 2020 broadcast programme can be viewed here

In addition and to watch and engage in the broadcast please download the ‘App to Save the World’

Finally, the social media for World Environment Day 2020 is produced by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). They are available here

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