A while ago I wrote shout the plea of the Native American. We live in a world so conflicted and disingenuous. So let’s try to stay connected here. Please.

I reported the following:


FORT CHIPEWYAN, AB, Aug. 8, 2019/CNW/ – The Government of Canada is investing in renewable energy to invigorate local economies. As well as create jobs and reduce emissions for a low-carbon future. The adoption of renewable energy technologies is also helping rural and remote indigenous communities reduce their reliance on diesel fuels.

Jobs plus over $3M to Local Econ
The Honorable Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. For he announced a $4.5-million CAN investment in a solar energy and energy storage project. It’s located in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. The investment will reduce pollution and create over 40 good, middle-class jobs during construction. The Government of Alberta also contributed $3.3 million to the project.

The project will result in 20 percent of electricity generation for the community coming from renewable sources. Upon completion, a new 2.2-megawatt solar farm will complement an existing 400 kilowatt installation, making it the largest off-grid solar project in Canada.

In addition, a battery storage system and micro-grid control system will improve reliability of the grid. The project’s combined solar and battery energy storage system will displace 650,000 litres of diesel fuel per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1,743 tonnes annually.

GATHER is the intimate portrait of a growing movement amongst Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual and cultural identities through obtaining sovereignty over their ancestral food systems, while battling against the historical trauma brought on by centuries of genocide. 

Additionally, executive Producer Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Justice League), follows the individual stories of several natives on the frontlines of this movement to reconnect with their spiritual and cultural identities that were devastated by genocide.

Gather The Movie

Directed by Sanjay Rawal
Executive Producers: Jason Momoa, Brian Mendoza, Jennifer Buffett, Wendy Schmidt
and Christine Schantz
RT: 74 Minutes / Not Rated


One of the main characters is an indigenous chef. He embarks on an ambitious project to reclaim ancient food ways on the Apache reservation. Another is a gifted Lakota high school student. Through her passion for science, she provides her tribes with native wisdom. 

Meanwhile, a group of young men of the Yurok tribe in Northern California struggle to keep their culture alive. They work together and rehabilitate the habitat of their sacred salmon. 

All these stories intertwine; they show how the reclaiming and recovery of ancient food ways are a means forward for native Americans. It brings back health and vitality to their people and communities.

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