5 Ways to Encourage Sustainability Within Your Workplace

Green is good for your Business

First of all, can we talk about the laser focus more than ever on sustainability. As well as those good ol environmentally-friendly practices. I mean now is the time to start making greener choices for your business. Not only can more sustainable workplace practices help to lower your energy bills. Yet it can help to improve your company profile with today’s increasingly-conscious consumer.

Because more consumers are paying attention to the environmental impact of their purchases. So you need to ensure that your business is seen to be green.

Business Wants to Go Sustainable

Business owners that want to adopt more sustainable practices in their business. They need to start with the workplace. There is a range of changes you can make to lower the carbon footprint of your business right away. However, for these changes to have the maximum impact, you need to ensure that your employees are aware of the changes and the reasons for them. Encouraging your team to follow your new green work practices will help you to maintain your new standards going forward and solidify your commitment to a cleaner, greener future for all of us. 

Let’s take a close look at some simple ways you can encourage sustainability within your workplace and start working your business having a lower carbon footprint. 

Start A Recycling Program 

Implementing a recycling program in your workplace is one of the best ways to start promoting a more sustainable working environment. Make space for recycling bins throughout your business premises and be sure to clearly label them. Use signage to instruct your employees what can and can’t be recycled, and to encourage them to use the recycling program correctly. Take this opportunity to clear out any old or unused office equipment and bring them to your local recycling centre or donate to a local charity. Search for a free printer cartridge recycling program near you to dispose of your printer cartridges responsibly. Don’t know what to do with used office furniture? Check out Michael’s Global Trading infographic for a variety of helpful eco-friendly solutions. 

Conserve Energy Use

The amount of energy your office uses is one of the major contributors to your carbon footprint. Display signage to remind your staff to turn off the lights in rooms when they are not in use. Installing sensor lights in hallways, bathrooms and other common areas will help to reduce energy use and lower your energy bills in the process. Encourage staff members to shut down their computers and to turn off office equipment at the end of the day to further reduce your environmental impact

Consider Going Paperless 

With more and more businesses turning to cloud-based applications to manage their business, there is less need for your office to produce vast amounts of paper documents, as you may have in the past. You can cut down on the amount of paper you use by promoting a paperless office approach. Business owners can take advantage of a range of tools including invoicing software, payroll applications, file-sharing programs, business management tools and other tools that take your business into the digital realm and eliminate the need for paper in your workplace.  

Support Sustainable Businesses

Whether you are collaborating with other businesses, looking at vendors, or speaking to logistics companies to transport your products, it’s important you consider their commitment to sustainable business practices. If they do not align with your company’s outlook then it might be a good idea to look elsewhere. Supporting other sustainable businesses will help to encourage more businesses to assess their own approach to sustainability. The knock-on effect of supporting other businesses is so helpful. For those who share your values can be crucial in building your brand. Thereby furthering you’re your commitment to a more eco-conscious approach to business. 

Start Taking Steps Towards Sustainability Today!

With a greater focus on sustainability and the future of our planet than ever before, now is the time to start focusing on the environmental impact of your business. The sooner that you start to implement positive changes, the sooner you can start. I mean to having a positive impact on your local environment.

In conclusion, put a plan in place today to help your business to become more sustainable. Finally set an example for other businesses in your community. So start looking forward to a greener future for your business.