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In Shanghai, China on April 16th, 2019 marks an important milestone for Groupe Renault in China. During a press conference at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 26, 2019. For it was Thierry Bolloré. Thierry is CEO of Groupe Renault. For he presented a clear road map. Moreover and high ambitions for the Group in China by 2022. It’s a target of 550,000 units sold per year for Nissan / Renault! So let’s hear it for Nissan!

So to realize this ambition, Groupe Renault is opening a new chapter of Renault’s history. Especially in China’s EV market with the presentation of Renault City K-ZE. It’s a global A segment fully-electric urban vehicle. All consequently with an SUV design.

Renault, Nissan
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Yet Renault China:

For the past decade, Renault Group has been fully committed to the development of large-scale electric mobility. A pioneer in Europe, today its strategy moves up another gear. The Renaulution plan, unveiled in January 2021. For it focuses on the group’s electric leadership and the unique advantages of its E-TECH, hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology. It also aims to widen its electric mobility offer. That’s both in terms of vehicles and services.

The objective of Renault China is simple: to make electric travel accessible to everyone by offering solutions to every need.

With the world premiere of Renault City K-ZE, Groupe Renault is entering the world’s largest and fastest growing electric vehicle market. Six months after the concept was presented at the Paris Motor Show.  That’s the sixth 100% electric vehicle in the Renault range is coming to life this week at the Shanghai Motor Show.

This first public presentation demonstrates the capacity of Renault and DRAC to turn an EV concept into reality with the start of sales to be announced before the end of the year.

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Source: Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance

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