It does not matter about the cost mother’s day gift.  It’s the thought that counts. It also doesn’t matter much you spend on an exquisite gift. Yet, there is no way that it can top a handcrafted one.

Handcrafting a gift signifies how important someone is to you. It shows that you are willing to spend a considerate amount of time and effort creating something intimate and personalized.  Another benefit of handcrafted gifts is that they can be eco-friendly. You have the ability to re-purpose something or choose your own sustainable materials.

Gifts for Mother’s Day or Birthdays

As your mother’s birthday approaches, it’s a great idea to make her a gift on your own. A handcrafted gift can bring your mother to shed a tear while materialistic things can mean quite little to her. Start by delivering an online cake that she is sure to enjoy. Then shower her with a plethora of handmade gifts if you feel that one is simply not enough. The following is a list of different handcrafted gift ideas that can be appealing to your mother. 


Truth is you’ve probably spent the better half of your life eating all the delicious dishes that your mother might have cooked for you. There’s no better time than her birthday to bake some cookies for her. While the task at hand might seem a little daunting, there is nothing an online bakery class cannot help you with. Consider trying a vegan recipe. They are just as delicious and cause less harm to the environment. 

Cookies chocolate chip are a great gift
Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Jennifer Pallian


While mothers and grandmothers are known for their exquisite knitting skills, you can also try your hand at it. Knitting a scarf might be difficult if it’s something you are doing for the first time, but if you pay enough attention you can do it in a jiffy. So how can you make a scarf eco-friendly? It’s in the yarn. Choose certified organic cotton yarn or even recycled cotton yarn. 

Scarf Mother's Day gift of certified organic yarn
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An elaborate dinner for mother or birthday gift

It is quite common for an individual to go on dates with their significant other, but on the birthday of your mother, you can make her feel special by cooking an elaborate dinner for her. You can surely take the help of the internet whenever you feel stuck. Like the cookies, try some vegan options as well. 

Dinner vegan

Scrapbook is a great gift

While your mother must have filled your childhood home with your pictures, make this birthday an opportunity to walk down memory lane with her. Present her with a scrapbook with some of your favorite moments. This is the perfect time to reuse, recycle and restore something. Reuse an old children’s board book. Rather than tossing it in the trash, convert it into your own creative scrapbook. Another option is taking old newspapers, notebook paper or even mail you don’t need and make a paper mache book. If you want something a little easier, opt for recycled paper. 

Scrapbook is a great mother gift
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A letter

Many times we end up failing miserably when it comes to expressing our feeling, there surely must be times when you wanted to say a lot to your mother, but you couldn’t due to one reason or another. Write her a heartfelt letter that she can never get enough of. 

A letter to mom is a great mother gift

Self-care kit

While mothers are busy taking care of the children, it is quite sure that they end up forgetting about themselves completely. Gather a self-care basket for your mother for her birthday full of eco-friendly products. 

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Hopefully, all the pointers that have been mentioned in this article will help you a great deal in coming up with a list of highly appealing handcrafted gifts for your mother. While you are completely consumed with the thought of finding the perfect gift for your mother, make sure that you do not miss out on the birthday cake delivery

This article was written by Kerrie Bailey