These days, the polluted environment, depletion of natural resources, and global warming are critical problems. Therefore, people are working to resolve them by replacing petrol cars with eco-friendly vehicles. Down below, you will discover the popularity of eco-friendly vehicles around the world and read about the most environmentally friendly vehicle model. 

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Reasons for Environmentally Friendly Cars Popularity

The number of eco-friendly cars is growing every year. According to the Edison Electric Institute, the number of environmentally friendly vehicles will increase 18 times in the next ten years. Let’s reveal the reasons why people prefer purchasing eco-vehicles more and more every year.

Zero Emissions

People want to save the environment by reducing the emissions that their cars produce. Thereupon, they decide to replace their gas cars. 

These days, electric cars are the most popular ones. They burn no fossil fuels and provide zero impact on the environment.

Affordable Price

The first models of eco-friendly cars were very expensive. Unfortunately, luxurious cars cannot become widespread all around the globe. 

Hopefully, electric cars become more affordable every year so they can compete with fuel vehicles. Also, high prices for gas force drivers to pick electric vehicles. 

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Petrol Cars Ban

Some countries have already announced upcoming bans on petrol cars. As a result people are not able to purchase vehicles that require gas. For instance, Costa Rica will forbid buying gas cars in 2021. Most European countries will prohibit purchasing new vehicles with internal combustion engines by 2040.

Benefits in Particular Countries

Some countries force sales of environmentally-friendly vehicles. They do it by providing benefits for drivers. 

For example, in some countries, people who drive electric vehicles don’t pay road fees or taxes. Also, they can park and charge their vehicles for free.

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The Popularity of Cars with Zero Emissions by Countries

In different countries, the popularity of electric vehicles varies. Mostly it depends on the affordability and advantages of zero-emission cars. Keep on reading the post and learn more about the popularity of eco-friendly vehicles in different countries. 


This country is the world’s leader in the popularity of emission-free cars. Norway’s government has an ambitious goal to ban selling new fossil-fuelled vehicles in 2025. 

There is no doubt that this goal will be achieved. This year, half of the cars sold in Norway are electric vehicles.

Being a driver of an electric vehicle is very profitable in Norway. Having a zero-emission vehicle, you don’t need to pay for parking and charging. From 2017 to 2020, there was a reduced registration tax for eco-friendly cars in Norway.


China is the world’s leader in the number of eco-friendly car sales. The government wants to eliminate the use of fossil-fuelled cars by 2040. Unfortunately, these days, the share of the electric cars market isn’t big. 

However, China’s government does its best by investing a lot of money in purchasing electric public transport. 


This country also takes leading positions in the popularity of electric vehicles. Germany is developing the country-wide infrastructure of charging points for cars with the German carmaker giants’ help.

The government plans to ban sales of new petrol cars in 2030. Also, Germany focuses on producing renewable energy, which is a great tendency. 

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Costa Rica

It is a small country with an ambitious goal. The government wants to celebrate 200 years of independence by banning fuel cars in 2021. 98% of the electricity produced in Costa Rica is renewable. Therefore, the country’s transportation industry will be the most eco-friendly in 2021. 

United Kingdom

The UK also wants to save nature by the number of fossil-fueled cars. The government plans to ban fuel vehicles in 2040. Unfortunately, the share of electric vehicles on the market is small. However, the UK is building a large number of charging stations to convince drivers to choose emission-free vehicles. 

Most Environmentally Friendly Car Model

Photo courtesy of Unsplash/
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According to different researches, the most eco-friendly car model is Hyundai Ioniq Electric. The price for this emission-free car starts from $39,900 and has above-average specs.

Having a 100% charged 38 kWh battery, the vehicle can make up to 193 miles. Also, the port can be charged up to 80% in only 30 minutes.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric has a sleek exterior and top-notch interior. Also, it can be controlled via the smartphone app with ease. For instance, you can easily control charging and heating remotely. Using the application, you can lock/unlock and find your car in a few taps.


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