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Solar panels. Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Jadon Kelly

Solar energy is gaining popularity all over the globe as a cheap and clean source of energy. The cost of buying solar products can be initially higher. However, it saves you lots of money in the long run. Using solar energy has become a trend in almost every home for many reasons. 

First, some homes in parts of 3rd world countries lack connections to grid electricity, and some people just want to cut electricity bills. Once you install your solar system and buy your gadgets, all you need is occasional maintenance. 

Solar energy helps in various ways both at home and in industries. Power outages can cause more harm than good especially when you don’t have a backup plan. Imagine losing power for 2 days and your month’s supply of food is in the freezer. 

Moreover, how about losing power for the entire day and your essay is due in a few hours? All these occasions can be inconveniencing and stressful. For your essays, if you don’t have a solar system, you can rely on as you fix your power problem. 

You can save lots of money while using solar, and here are some tips to help you save more money.

Use your appliances during the day

Appliances in homes use up to 90% of the energy and can cost you a fortune. While using solar energy is saving itself, you can run your gadgets and home appliances such as washing machines, cookers, and others you do not need to use at night during the day when solar energy is optimal. 

This will reduce the need for energy to just the essential and those that are inevitably needed at night like lighting and heating. If you do that you can be sure not to need an extra source of energy which is what we are trying to avoid.

Kitchen and appliances. Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Sidekix Media

Make sure your solar panels are properly exposed to sunlight

Your solar panels need to be exposed properly to sunlight. The most important thing is to make sure that you fit your panels on rooftops where they are more exposed to the sun and make sure that they are not blocked or shaded by trees, antennas, and other objects. 

Dust accumulating on panels can also reduce the efficiency of the panels by trapping sunlight. Keep your panels clean, and be sure to harness optimal solar energy.

Use hot water sparingly

The Energy and Environment Department noted that more than a fifth of the energy in households goes to the water heating system. Reducing the usage of hot water in the house can reduce energy requirements and one can use that energy for other household needs. 

For instance, one can use hot water to clean dishes and rinse them using cold water.

Use appliances that are power efficient

Power-efficient appliances will help you reduce power consumption. For instance, using LEDs will consume less energy and save you from having to use an air conditioner as a result of the heating caused by some bulbs. You just need the light, not the heat.

LED light bulb. Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Federico Bottos

In conclusion

The solar panel is very cheap compared to grid energy. To reap all the benefits of relying on solar energy, one needs to know how to use the energy when the sunlight is optimal, as well as buying the right appliances. 


This article was written by Timothy Miller

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