Climate change, natural disasters, endangered species, and a rise in life-threatening diseases. All has gotten the attention of individuals across the globe. Realizing that the state of the environment will only get worse without change sucks. So many people have been doing more to save the earth.

Therefore, while making eco-friendly changes in the house is a small step towards saving the environment, we need more. So consumers also must realize they have to hold businesses accountable too. Ergo sustainable marketing solutions!

The Power of Purchase

Now, more than ever, people are making informed decisions. Decisions about the brands they wish to do business with. Using the power of purchase, is really our way. Because the average consumer prefers to work with organizations that incorporate eco-friendly practices. From the materials used to make their products to the very marketing tactics used to draw them in.

Sustainable marketing solutions enable consumers to tell brands from all industries they are being held to a higher standard.

Making the Switch: Green Marketing Tips

Though it can take a while for a small business to switch to an all-green concept. Yet making small changes can have a huge impact on the environment and your customer base. As marketing is a large portion of any brands’ operations. So starting with the implementation of green solutions in that area can make a difference.

Whether you’re already a green business or you’re looking to make eco-friendly changes. Because these sustainable marketing tips will help!

Here is a video from one of my FRIENDS. So here’s a video that they’ve made for this purpose: marketing solutions are EV CHARGING

Use Digital Platforms

Though traditional marketing efforts like print ads, flyers, brochures, and business cards have proven profitable for brands. However we know using so much paper and ink is wasteful. So rather than producing large quantities of such marketing materials, utilize digital platforms. Online marketing tactics do not require the use of paper, ink, and other supplies. The plus side is, it’s often a lot more affordable as well. Utilize digital platforms like websites, blogs, social media, and emails to connect with your target consumers on a regular basis.

Choose Sustainable Marketing Materials

There are times in business when marketing calls for you to use print materials and other traditional methods. For example, visiting trade shows, corporate events, and conferences. For those with brick and mortar locations, signage and shopping supplies are necessary for your success. In those cases, you can still work in green marketing solutions. Instead of using a traditional booth at a trade show, select vinyl pop up tents since vinyl is a sustainable material. For shopping bags, get hemp bags customized with your logo on them for branding. As for signage work with companies that use non-toxic inks and sustainable materials for banners, flags, and signs.

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Minimize Your Packaging

For small businesses that sell products in packages, it’s time to rethink using wasteful materials. Instead of adding Styrofoam bubbles to fragile items, use air-pocket pads like those presently being used by Amazon. When it comes to the size of the package, there’s no need to ship it in an oversized box. Start using fit-to-size shipping methods so you can reduce the number of materials being used. Looking into eco-friendly product packaging options is also recommended to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Use Sustainable Vehicles

If your business requires you to deliver products to customers such as a restaurant or you offer mobile services like a general contractor, you can do your part to reduce fuel emissions by using sustainable vehicles. Whether you invest in electric vehicles or request that your delivery guys ride bikes it can make a significant difference in the environment and to your customers.

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Donate to the Cause

Consumers are most interested in brands that are taking an extra step to save the environment and give back to the community. A great green marketing tactic would be to start supporting those same causes. You could be a sponsor at a community park cleanup event, donate to an environmentally-friendly charity and advertise this on your website. Another creative, sustainable marketing solution would be to encourage customers as well. For instance, donating part of the proceeds from the sell to a community garden or a local charity.

It’s unfortunate the state of the environment today. Yet it’s not too late to make changes before things get worse. There are brands large and small doing their part. All to make a difference in the world. Whether you’re a sustainable small business or an entrepreneur interested in reducing your carbon footprint.  Because now is a good idea as any to get started.  Finally, using the above-referenced sustainable marketing solutions is just the tip of the iceberg. Finally, it can make a lasting impression.

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