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The number of people turning to a vegan diet is increasing every year, with a reported 600,000 vegans now living in the United Kingdom. That has led to a boom in meat-free food sales, which eclipsed £740 million in 2018. The diet has been particularly popular with females. The Vegan Society found that 87% of those following the diet were women. However, the rise in the number of vegans is down to a massive number of reasons. These are some of the health benefits that you can expect to find after turning to a plant-based diet.

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Reduced risk of disease

One of the biggest reasons people opt to follow the plant-based diet is the science behind it. A study found that a vegan diet is proven to have a positive effect on reducing the risk of disease. That is largely due to antioxidants found in plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables. The study also found that vegans typically have lower fatty acid levels and increased omega-3 fatty acids. A German study also found that the risk of getting cancer was halved on a vegan diet.

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Vegans are happier

Everybody wants to lead a happier life, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to become a vegan. It was reported that those following a plant-based diet are typically happier than those that eat meat and fish. Those following the diet scored better on depression tests than those that eat fish and meat. It is believed that this could be down to the compassion that vegans have for not harming animals, which leads to peace of mind.

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Weight loss

There have been a growing number of people turning to the plant-based diet in a  bid to lose weight. That is because a vegan diet is a proven way to shed the extra pounds that some people want to lose. A report found that those with a vegan diet have a lower body mass index than meat-eaters, as they will not be consuming the fattier meats. Various studies have found that vegan diets are the best to follow for those looking to lose weight, which means it is a standout for those looking to go on a health kick.

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Veganism more popular than ever

The popularity of a vegan diet looks set to continue for years to come. Those following the diet will also not miss out on anything, as there are a growing number of vegan-friendly restaurants opening around the country. WeLoveBrum looked at some of the best options in the second city. It is widely believed that veganism is the future, and it is likely that at some point, most people around the world will be at least following a part-time vegan diet for one reason or another.

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