Maybe you’ve been a meat-eater for years, and now you want to make the transition to veganism. Good for you. Many folks say that their lives had changed for the better when they switched to a diet free of all animal products, including meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Going vegan benefits not only the planet’s environment but animals for ethical reasons and your health. Before you jump in, our experts have some valuable advice to consider.

Going vegan


The Vegan Society recommends turning veganism into a slow process to develop the ideal plan for your individual needs. Take it step-by-step and begin with a few small plant-based changes.

For example, the organization has a simple tip in the milk you buy. This time, instead of reaching for cow’s milk, choose a soya or almond milk or swap your usual dairy butter for coconut oil or margarine. Go at your own pace when developing a vegan lifestyle.

Meat-Loving Friends

When you announce that you’re going vegan, you may have family and/or friends who try and talk you out of it or make snarky remarks about your new lifestyle and diet changes.

That’s okay, even if your friends or parents think you’ll die of malnutrition. Most people don’t know much about veganism. In fact, veganism has only been around since 1944, so it is still a relatively new diet concept. Don’t sit there and lecture people. Hold on to your views, keep a good sense of humor, and don’t argue back.

Ample Protein

Veganism opens your world up to some amazing and delicious foods, but some worry that they won’t be getting enough protein in plant-based choices. That is a myth, and all you have to do is check out the excellent protein content found in wonderful soya products, cashews, pumpkin seeds, lentils, peanut butter, beans, chickpeas, and a lot more. If you maintain an active lifestyle and are interested in adding additional protein to your diet, read this in-depth protein review from Vegan Liftz

Veganism can be found just about anywhere, and you can learn a lot online on social media, chatting with fellow vegans. You can also order Toronto vegan meal delivery to experience fresh foods that offer a robust nutritional profile and flavor.

Vegan Children

Some parents are excited to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle but fear that their children will not be able to grow without animal products. Again, this is another myth. The Vegan Society website shows adults how to raise healthy vegan kids and receive the nutrients they need to develop. The organization has guidelines for infants and children of all ages to consume a vegan diet and get the proper balance of important fortified foods and supplements.

Weight Management

Stars like Carrie Underwood and the Williams sisters Serena and Venus, Tony Kanal, Russell Brand, and Pam Anderson all advocate a vegan lifestyle, and if you’re looking for excellent weight management, going vegan can be a great choice.

A Harvard University study conducted in 2016 found that vegetarian dieters lost more weight than non-vegetarians after 18 weeks. Vegan dieters actually saw the most weight loss, dropping five pounds more than non-vegetarians.

For one thing, vegan diets are typically higher in fiber, and fiber intake plays a big role in weight loss and maintenance. Another plus is that vegan meal plans are usually lower in saturated fat and include good carbohydrates, and deliver more energy for the body.

Vegan Slip-Up

It happens, and don’t beat yourself up about it. Most vegan experts say that we do not live in a vegan world yet, and mistakes can happen. You may eat meat that you didn’t know was in a recipe, or you were served something that wasn’t all vegan.

Slip-ups are human. You can easily return to the vegan lifestyle. Your goal is to stop eating animal products, and in this society, that’s not always so simple to achieve. However, do your best, get back on the vegan horse and keep going. You are still making a difference.

Going vegan is a wonderful idea and a positive choice for yourself. Take your time, and dip your toe into a plant-based diet. There’s no one-size-fits-all in the world of veganism. We believe our experts’ recommendations can get you on your way.

Author: Elizabeth Howard

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