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If you want the cheapest way to move your things, then using your own electric car is the right option. It is even better when your vehicle is considerably large. However, you need to do things if you want to get it right and move everything swiftly and effectively. Below we give you a few tips on moving with your own electric car.

Recharge and Know Different Charging Spots along the Way

Electric cars have limited range they can pass when fully charged. The best in the industry is the Polestar 2, which can go up to 300 miles before requiring a recharge. If you are relocating to a new town which is a considerable distance from your place, you could hire a local moving company to help you with the bulk of the home items as you drive your way there.

If you take this option, you need to charge your electric car prior to the trip altogether. We recommend that you master the maximum distance your vehicle can go before another recharge. Alternatively, you can always check on your car’s charge gauge for the remaining powers as your drive.

You also need to master the route you are driving through and mark the available charge station. That way, you will have enough knowledge and plan your journey.

Tesla charging. Photo courtesy of Unsplash/
John Cameron

Pack the Interior

As you pack things into your car, do not just throw things left, right and center. Make a plan on how you will move the stuff from the house and how they will fit in the car. The better the plan, the efficient the project will be and the few trips you will make.

When developing the packing plan, consider the fact that the stuff’s weight should be even inside the car. So distribute them and divide the belonging according to weight size and any other viable category.

You Can Always Maximize the Space in the Car

Sometimes instead of calling professional movers, you can decide to do it yourself. Electric cars are no different from traditional combustion engine models. You can always lay down the interiors to maximize the internal space in your vehicle. We recommend that you avoid carrying items in cardboard boxes. The boxes are bulky and will unnecessarily consume space that you could otherwise use to pack other things.

Another way to maximize the space is to disassemble the items if you can before loading them in the car. That way, they become more compact and occupy smaller spaces. For example, you do not need to carry a whole bed in its useful structure. You can uncles the joins and fit the cars as separate disjointed pieces that you will reconstruct in your destination.

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Always Consider Amount of Stuff You Want To Move

Before you use your electric car, you should consider your belongings’ size versus your car capacity. If you are moving from a bedsitter or one bedroom house you can use your car. However, if you are moving from a two or three-bedroom house, the chances are that you have a lot of stuff to move. In such a situation we recommend renting a moving truck.

The same applies to the distance between your old house and the new one. If you are moving within the same neighborhood of a few miles, you can do it with your electric car. However, if you are changing cities or town ten we recommend hiring a local moving company to do the job. Besides being an economical option, these people have the right equipment to ensure everything reaches the destination in one piece.

Consider the Cost Factor

While the cost per mile in electric vehicles is considerably low, hiring a moving company may be cost-effective, especially if you are moving a lot of stuff or going over long distances. It would be best to consider factors like wear and tear on the vehicle plus the cost of repairing the car after carrying heavy loads.

You may also lack the right experience to carry certain things, leading to several avoidable damages. Moving companies have relevant expertise and insurance covers. That way, they ensure that everything reaches your new home as they were, and they are liable in case of any damages.

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