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Statement of Madeline Page, Clean Cars Campaign Coordinator, Public Citizen

Oct. 30, 2018

Note: Ford Motor Company last week submitted comments (PDF) regarding the Trump administration’s proposal to dramatically roll back fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards. Similarly known as clean car standards. In its comment to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford touted a dubious study sponsored by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which is the trade association for automakers. The study likewise repeats flawed and much criticized assumptions. All made in the administration’s analysis of costs, benefits and the impact of a rollback on consumers. Ford similarly asked for expanded “flexibilities”. Aka code for loopholes and indicated support for a range of alternative standards. Alternatives suggested by the administration. Those are which would cause increased pollution and likewise higher expenses for consumers at the gas pump.

Ford Motor Company

By wholeheartedly endorsing this administration’s misleading claims about the clean car standards, Ford Motor Company has made it clear where its priorities lie. Rather than standing up for consumers, public health and the climate, the automaker and its lobbyists are doubling down in support of undoing the standards and remain in lockstep with Trump’s dangerous deregulatory agenda.

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