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In recent years, there is a massive shift of attitude towards cannabis use worldwide. Once considered a menacing drug, stigmas were surrounding its usage. However, with the awareness of the medical advantages, its use has become more widespread. But, this is not the sole reason for cannabis’ popularity. This plant has a plethora of benefits that has the power to change the world for the better. Here we discuss a few of them that help society to gain from cannabis cultivation.

Good for the environment

Cannabis can improve soil health. The quality of the soil may degrade from toxic chemicals from industrial waste, insecticides, or pesticides. Hemp can remove these pollutants from the earth, water, or air. It can also absorb heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and nickel. As it can grow fast, hemp is effective in replenishing the soil quickly. Besides, it prevents soil erosion due to its long root system. All these factors make hemp perfect for crop rotation and maintaining soil standards to create an ecological balance. 

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It’s Bringing People Together

One of the primary reasons people are using marijuana is it is bridging the gap between each other. There’s a community of people who come closer because of marijuana. These people show that it’s not about only being high on this substance, but more taking daily doses of the same. There may be underlying causes, such as social or generalized anxieties, depression, neuropathic pain, or more that can restrict the movement and adversely affect a person’s quality of life. 

Cannabis and its derivatives like CBD and Medical Potential of Delta-8 THC can alleviate such problems and help them lead a routine unrestricted life with family and friends. Unlike years back, when cannabis was a stigma, people are now unifying to show their support for this extremely beneficial ingredient. 

Renewable Resources

Hemp is easy to grow and harvest. It can thrive in infertile land and requires less water. Besides, it is highly resistant to pests and drought. All these make this fiber crop possess a high amount of biomass components and oils. Research states that hemp’s intrinsic properties make it a viable raw material, feedstock, and sustainable diesel fuel. It has been used for centuries for making ropes, paper, canvases, medicines, etc. However, there’s a good chance to obtain environmentally friendly fuel from weed store for industrial and personal uses in the coming years. 

Generate Tax

The legalization of hemp in various states in the U.S. has resulted in generating high tax revenues. As per reports, places like Colorado have contributed more than USD 300 million in tax last year. This industry has provided more than USD 80 million in terms of taxes and other payments. Similarly, California’s cannabis sale has generated almost USD 850 mn total tax from excise, cultivation, and sales tax. When Massachusetts opened its marijuana retailers in the year 2019, it has seen yearly gross sales of more than USD 400 million, which sets as a benchmark for economic growth opportunities for the legal cannabis industry. 

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Boosts Economy

Legal cannabis can generate a hefty profit for the government. Apart from tax generation, it creates ample employment opportunities. A few states in the U.S. say that marijuana can create more than 40000 job opportunities by 2024. Some places predicted the increment of the labor income of California by USD 3 bn with the generation of 80000 jobs. As per data, the hemp industry may create 1 million new jobs within the next five years. These jobs involve cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and other secondary industries, like software developers, financial services, etc. 

Besides, legalization can also restrict black-marketing and secure investors’ investments right now at a minuscule level. More investment means more inflow of money in the economy that leads to overall higher financial growth. 

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Medical Benefits

People have been using medical cannabis for centuries in different cultures around the globe. But once, these were thought to be anecdotal references. Research proved that this plant has a plethora of health benefits. The cannabinoids, like CBD, THC, and others, can treat a host of physical and psychological ailments. Be it cancer and its symptoms, chronic pain, epilepsy, anxiety, or insomnia, medical marijuana can have therapeutic effects on numerous other problems. The best part is that marijuana doesn’t have any adverse consequences, unlike regular opioids or other prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. 

As more research is on the way, no doubt, cannabis may change the world by becoming a one-stop solution for various ailments simultaneously. With that more and more people seek a cannabis consultation to see if they can obtain a medical marijuana card and have legal access to it. 


The cannabis industry is undoubtedly making a positive impact on the world. But, it is just the beginning. Society and government are yet to tap the full benefits of this plant. More research and speedy legalization processes are necessary to benefit the world in medicinal, economic, and environmental prospects. With growing awareness, it’s just a matter of time when cannabis will be a household name for health and wellness.