Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Stoner

Cannabis is one of the top plants that help the environment and reduce toxins. It absorbs a massive amount of CO2 and releases oxygen; it absorbs toxins from the air and other heavy chemicals from the soil and even gives back to the earth. However, the habit of cannabis consumers and some of its products could harm the environment.

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While the consumption of some cannabis products is not really considered a threat to the environment, there are ways one can improve it to make one an eco-friendly stoner. With the rise in the thirst for renewable energy and man’s desperation to save the environment, it is essential to develop environmentally friendly stoning habits.

Here are ways to make this possible: 

Stay Away from Disposable Vape Pens

Most people love disposable vape pens as it comes with many advantages. It is easy to use without sophisticated maintenance culture, there are assorted flavors, and it is affordable. Yet, whenever you buy one, you must dispose of it. Sadly, disposable vape pens come with lots of mechanisms and plastic, which will slow down decomposition when disposed of.

This makes it essential to invest in a high-quality vape pen for people that love vaping. There is a high chance you will use it for a pretty long time before disposing of it. By the time you dispose of it, the chemicals in the battery will already be weakened, which will reduce the impact on the environment.

Use Rechargeable Vape Batteries and Recycle Them

Lithium batteries are what powers a high number of vape devices available today. Not only vapes, most devices that use rechargeable batteries like mobile phones, watch, etc., run on Lithium batteries. Lithium is a natural resource that comes from the earth. The mining process of lithium creates some adverse environmental impacts.

Mining, for instance, requires digging. This means a massive release of energy and chemicals. The production of lithium from iron ore also does not help the environment. It involves the crushing of iron ore and lithium’s separation from the rock using chemicals and extreme temperature. 

With this, one needs to reduce excessive use of batteries by concentrating on rechargeable batteries. Also, since the constituent of batteries is a hazardous waste, one should dispose of them well. There should be local resources around your state where you can dispose of such batteries. 

You can also inquire with your local dispensary or cannabis distributor like Lazarus Naturals. They might take the battery back or have a partnership with an eco-friendly organization. 

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Recycle Your Weed Bottle

Many benefits came with the legalization of cannabis. You no longer have to vape in closed doors, watch your back or hide your buds in a sandwich bag when disposing of it. 

Many dispensaries now use recyclable plastic bottles as ordinary plastic is detrimental to the environment and takes an alarmingly long period to decompose. Also, many pot shops are springing up that have bins where you can drop these used bottles. 

Also, you need not visit the cannabis shop before you recycle as there are city recycling programs that accept such. Your weed bottle is not meant for the trash can but to be recycled. 

Your Ceramic Filter should be Reusable

The idea behind being eco friendly is to reduce waste products that eventually hurt the environment. As a result, one needs to take every opportunity to reduce or eliminate waste. A reusable ceramic filter, usually attached to the end of a joint, can make this possible.  

With a ceramic filter, you will get smoother vape and reduce wastage in filter tips and waste cardboards. This eliminates waste since it leaves you with nothing to dispose of. All you have to do is to clean your filter to keep it in top shape. 

Use Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is hemp twine inserted in beeswax. It stands out as one of the ancient and top tools around. The wick is often wound around lighters, which is used to light the bowl. It is usually dispensed in small skeins, just like yarns.

This comes with many advantages because it is convenient, which makes it suitable for people who have issues using their hands. Using hemp wick is also practical because it reduces the use of lighter as you use it once, rather than using it many times.

With this, you reduce the number of butane fumes that get to the atmosphere and significantly prolong your lighter’s lifespan. 

Clean Your Vape Accessories with Organic Materials 

One of the essential habits vapers need to imbibe is routine maintenance. It is necessary to prolong the lifespan of their vape device, delaying its trip to the landfill. In cleaning your kit, there are various products you can use. 

Some cannabis cleaning hack recommends using compounds like Epsom Salt, acetone, and isopropyl alcohol to clean your vape. The danger with this is that when you clean, you will likely wash them down the drain. The chemicals in these cleaning materials might compromise your pipe and water supply.

However, you can lay your hands on household materials like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon that are well known for their natural and robust cleaning power. This is a recommended idea as long as the ingredient will not compromise any part of the vape device. 

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This post was written by Emma Wilson, a content specialist with a focus on health and wellness.