As the effects of climate change continue to harm people and the planet, car manufacturers are taking action to reduce vehicle emissions. General Motors (GM) in particular, has released it’s 10th annual sustainability report which outlines its stance and progress on environmental stewardship, safety, inclusion and health. According to GM, the company is committed to its vision of a world free of emissions, congestion and car accidents. One way they’re working towards this goal is with the development of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and all electric vehicles (EVs).

EVs are better for the environment than traditional gas-powered vehicles because they emit fewer to zero emissions. This depends on whether the vehicle is a hybrid or fully electric. The only difference between the two is that a a plug-in hybrid uses both battery powered electricity as well as gasoline for power. 

On this episode of the Green Living GuyⓇ TV show, learn all about GM’s Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid and the Hummer EV. Below are some hightlighst from the show. Please remember to subscribe to the Y Networks on Youtube so you don’t ever miss an episode. 

Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid

Hummer EV


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