Owning a swimming pool all to you isn’t less than any blessing. On scorching hot summer days, nothing relieves your heated body more than a chilling swimming session. In short, your pool is your best companion. And in return, you must maintain it in the best way possible.

But, wait! Is your pool maintenance-friendly enough for the environment? Chlorine usage has adverse effects on your environment. As a result, the source of your fun and recreation becomes a burden on your very own environment.

To prevent this situation, you need a set of eco-friendly tricks and hacks that you may use to conserve your environment while taking care of your swimming pool.

How Is Swimming Pool Maintenance Against The Environment Conservation?

Before you get to the list of hacks, let’s first run down the quick list of environmental threats.

Multiple pool maintenance strategies pose serious threats to your environment. Here you may read some:

  1. Water wastage by leaks and evaporation.
  2. Extreme energy consumption that keeps on multiplying the carbon footprint.
  3. Greenhouse gases evolve when chemicals containing water get evaporated in the air.
  4. Waterways become contaminated with chlorine-water.
  5. Serious threat to the living organisms around the pool.

Now that you have plenty of alarming threats, let’s quickly walk you through the eco-friendly hacks for your pool maintenance!

Best Eco-Friendly Hacks for Swimming Pool Maintenance

So you are all cherished to have a giant, refreshing swimming pool. But, are you using correct environment-friendly strategies to take care of them or not. If not, then you should immediately start applying eco-friendly strategies to take care of your swimming pool.

Here are some effective eco-friendly tricks and tips that every pool owner must know about.

It is clear that chlorine keeps algae away, but you must know that chemicals are deadly to the environment. So before anything, you must limit the amount of chlorine use in your pool.

You may mix it well with bromine so the chlorine content becomes lesser. Make sure to keep a check on the chemical level in your pool so it doesn’t harm nature and most importantly the waterways.

Another eco-friendly tactic you may follow is preferring a cartridge filter over the sand filter. Since cartridges are considered to be the greenest filters, you are suggested to use them over sand filters. They also require less water to stay clean. You may hose them off twice or thrice a year and that’s it.

Instead of getting stuck in a number of chemicals, just use vinegar to clean off the calcium scaling. Vinegar is undoubtedly a remarkable, natural pool scaling cleaner.

Take a sponge, pour some vinegar onto it, and start rubbing the calcium marks. It’s that easy.

Many pool owners usually neglect this step. But it is a really crucial one. Whenever you go to grab some products to remove swimming pool stains, always choose the ones that are recommended by renowned swimming pool stain removers. They have quite a lot of solutions in stock. Also, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can always hire the pros to do it for you.

Using a good quality pool cover is always beneficial for the conservation of energy as no water is evaporated when the pool isn’t being used. Get a good cover and pull it over your pool until you swim in it.

Another thing that is going to benefit you the most in energy conservation is a pool pump timer. It will pump your pool at certain intervals saving a good amount of energy.

Instead of going for an artificial heater option, make sure you prefer a solar pool heater. It will be the greenest option and eco-friendly as well. It will also save you electric energy and money of course.

Being an eco-friendly enthusiast, you must not waste water for no good reason. This is exactly why you are strictly prohibited from draining your swimming pools. You may only drain it out if the black algae have taken up all over your pool. Other than that, experts don’t see any good reason to empty up your pool. Keep your pool filled up for the whole year so no cracks and liners appear at any instant.

With the above-mentioned eco-friendly hacks, you sure now know how to keep your swimming pool clean and well-maintained all year round. Enjoy the benefits of having your own swimming pool!

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