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Volvo C40 Recharge

Let’s talk Volvo electric C40.  For the C40 Recharge is Volvo’s newest addition to the Recharge line of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It’s the next step in Volvo’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be a fully electric car company by 2030.

The C40 Recharge is a newer version of the XC40 SUV. The main difference is the C40’s lower and sleeker design. According to Volvo, the propulsion consists of two electric motors. One is located at the front axle and the other on the back axle. In addition, a 78kWh battery powers the vehicle with the ability to charge up to 80 percent in only 40 minutes. 

Because the vehicle is fully electric, there are zero tailpipe emissions. This means you can drive knowing that your car is reducing your carbon footprint and not contributing climate change. 

On the outside, the C40 Recharge flashes state-of-the-art pixel-technology headlights, a lower roof line and is available in a variety of colors and deco options. On the inside, is a Google and Android operating system allowing drivers to connect to Google apps and services. It’s also the first Volvo vehicle to be completely leather-free. 

Volvo c40 recharge interior
Volvo C40 Recharge interior

“The C40 Recharge represents the future of Volvo and shows where we are going,” said Henrik Green, chief technology officer. “It is fully electric, offered online only with a convenient care package and will be available for quick delivery. Getting a new Volvo was never this attractive.”

The care package includes everything from home charging options and roadside assistance to warranty, service and insurance. Finally, production of the C40 Recharge will begin in the fall of 2021 in Ghent, Belgium. 

Volvo’s Sustainability Goals

Part of Volvo’s goal to phase out gas-powered vehicles includes selling only electric and plug-in hybrids by 2025. In fact, Volvo plans to meet the standards of the Paris Climate Agreement and be climate-neutral by 2040. 

There are different reasons driving Volvo’s decision to transition to clean energy. For instance, legislation aimed at reducing vehicle emissions, the expansion of charging infrastructure and consumer demand. 

“To remain successful, we need profitable growth. So instead of investing in a shrinking business, we choose to invest in the future – electric and online,” said Håkan Samuelsson, chief executive. “We are fully focused on becoming a leader in the fast-growing premium electric segment.”

C40 charge port

The car company is also fundamentally changing the way customers shop by making all fully electric vehicles available online only. According to Volvo, their commitment to customer relationships is strong. Therefore, their new commercial strategy will focus on transparency, convenience and simplicity. 

“The future of Volvo Cars is defined by three pillars: electric, online and growth,” says Lex Kerssemakers, head of global commercial operations. “We want to offer our customers peace of mind and a care-free way of having a Volvo, by taking away complexity while getting and driving the car. Simplification and convenience are key to everything we do.”

Author bio: Eillin Delapaz is an environmental writer and assistant media producer for Green Living Guy®. She’s also a digital designer and videographer.

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