3 Reasons Your Home Needs an Emergency Generator

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that absolutely anything can happen at any time. From vicious storms that can flatten a neighborhood in mere seconds to global pandemics that change the very core of our everyday lives, the next emergency could be right around the corner.

In the past 20 years, the effects of global warming have resulted in increasingly violent weather and devastating storms worldwide. While you may be prepared to experience the odd short-term power outage, today’s storms can easily result in multiple days without power creating deadly situations.

When you lose power, you are at the mercy of nature. In the winter, this can mean big trouble, with freezing temperatures becoming a deadly hazard. If you don’t have a backup source of energy, you could be facing a truly dire situation. One of the best ways to prepare for any power emergency is to own a Blue Diamond Machinery Generator. Let’s look at a few crucial reasons why you should invest in a backup generator for your home.

Weather Hazards

Nearly any kind of bad weather can result in a power outage. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, winter blizzards, or extreme heat have all been responsible for taking out the power grid. Even a short-term power loss can be very inconvenient. From losing power to your electronics to fouling food in your refrigerator, losing power can result in anything from small to significant losses. With a backup generator, you will never have to worry about your power going out and dealing with the loss of electricity.

Regardless of the weather, your backup generator will always be reliable. Generators are not connected to the grid, but run on an independent source of fuel; most often gasoline. For this reason, they are dependable in any weather conditions and will be ready to start when you need them.

Surge Protection

When the power goes out during a storm, you will likely experience flickers of electricity running through your system as the grid attempts to reconnect. These types of flickers can cause surges in energy that can cause damage to your electrical system. From damaging your appliances and electronics to taking out your circuit box, surges in power can cause a lot of damage. Most generators come with a built-in surge protection system. When a surge of electricity runs through your system, your generator will automatically divert the energy, saving you money on expensive repairs.

Remote Monitoring

You may not always be at home when a bad storm causes the power in your home to go out. Modern generators are equipped with innovative remote monitoring systems which you control through an application on your smartphone. This gives you the freedom to start up your generator even if you aren’t at home. 

Remote monitoring can allow you to maintain uninterrupted power to your home, save your electrical system, and safeguard your family. For example, if your power is knocked out in the winter while you are at work, you can start your generator remotely and keep the heat on for your pets and children and ensure that your lights stay on.

The only certain thing is that power emergencies can happen at any time. To protect your home and family, it’s essential to invest in a backup generator for your home today.