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Eco-friendly is a trending term associated with a lot of products from different industries. It resulted from global advocacy to preserve the ecosystem. Generally, eco-friendly products do the smallest possible damage to the environment. When it comes to the cleaning industry, there are many misconceptions about the effectiveness of eco-friendly household products.

Common misconceptions and truths

Misconception 1

Eco-friendly cleaning products are not as effective as traditional cleaning products.

Truth: Eco-friendly cleaning products are a result of top-notch eco-friendly initiatives. They are just as effective as traditional cleaners. They might not contain some of the fast-acting chemicals found in conventional cleaners, but that doesn’t affect their effectiveness. You might need to use more quantity and leave it on the surface for a longer duration but this extra effort is better than exposure to chemicals.

Misconception 2

Eco-friendly cleaning products are not safer.

Truth: Many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that could be carcinogenic. Some release volatile organic compounds that could cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Eco-friendly products contain natural and safe organic compounds. They do not contain chemicals that are non-toxic. Renewable resources are used in producing these eco-friendly products so that there is no emission of toxic substances. They mostly have recyclable packaging, making them non-hazardous to the environment. Recyclable packaging enables the cleaning product package to be reused and recycled easily, like noout cleaner recyclable bottles.

Misconception 3

Eco-friendly cleaning products can’t kill germs.

Truth: A cleaning product that kills germs works as a disinfectant. Not all cleaning products are disinfectant, and this applies to both conventional and eco-friendly products. There are eco-friendly cleaning products that can kill germs. Vinegar is a natural substance that can be found in some eco-friendly cleaning products, and it is effective in killing a wide variety of bacteria.  

Misconception 4

Eco-friendly cleaning products are very costly, and it is just a monetization strategy.

Truth: Many people believe that putting eco-friendly label on a cleaning product will make people buy the product, so that companies could make money. Their misconceptions are not displaced, but they are not true. If a person is skeptical about a product, they can easily check the ingredients to see if they are natural, check reviews of the product, and the brand certification. An authentic and cheap route is making it at home with easy-to-access ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, olive oil, and citric acid. This way, you are saving more money than buying a conventional cleaning product.

The cost of eco-friendly products is usually similar to that of conventional products, and if it is higher, the difference is negligible. An efficient way to save cost is by going for an all-purpose cleaner. The all-purpose cleaners can be used on all surfaces, and they are equally as effective as a specific cleaning product. Eco-friendly products like noout just require the user to keep filling the recyclable bottle with water and placing the cleaning tablets in it. It will ultimately save costs than always buying cleaning solvents.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are not only good for the environment, but they are also necessary for overall safety and health. Opt for the safer option today. 

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