Did you know? The Earth’s temperature has increased by two degrees Fahrenheit in this very century. The climate change that we all feared badly is finally here.

In actuality, Global Climate Change predicts that the temperature will continue to rise through and beyond this century. Over time, this temperature change will change the entire course of the human lifestyle. There will be changes in the agriculture, length, and intensities of seasons, and the ways of living – of course, it’s not going to be all pretty.

Hence, all of us need to take charge immediately. We may not be able to stop this climate change, but we can still surely slow it down. And the change has to come from each unit.

How so? Well, here’s our take on how you can begin:

1. Opt for LED Bulbs

If you’ve got those incandescent bulbs even today, we’re telling you to switch right now. The world embraced the LED technology for a reason. It’s not only more energy-efficient but also quite very environment-friendly. Compared to the 80% efficient energy conversion of the regular bulbs, the LED bulbs convert 95% of energy efficiently, meaning only 5% of wastage. It also means lower costs on your electricity bills.

2. Use the Washing Machine Smartly

You can make your home 10x more eco-friendly simply by using your current washing machine more smartly. How so?

Opt for the cold-water settings instead of hot water. About 90% of the electricity consumed by a washing machine is to heat the Cold-water before it begins the washing process. The use of Cold-water settings instead will save you a significant amount on your electricity bills.

It will also cut down the carbon emissions from your washing machine. Only when dealing with stubborn stains opt for hot-water settings. The same applies to the use of the dryer.

3. Make Use of Natural Cleaning Products

Company-manufactured chemicals are damaging for your household items and the environment. They harm the environment during the manufacturing stage as well as in the usage stage. You can use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon to make these cleaning products.  You could make a window cleaner, anti-bacterial cleaner, room spray, and whatnot. Their usage is just as versatile. 

You could use these to perform a job as hectic and challenging as cleaning a green pool or as small as getting rid of stain spillage.

4. Maintain the Fridge

No matter how energy-efficient your refrigerators’ brand markets it to be, it still consumes a significant amount of energy and consequently gives off quite a lot of carbon emissions. This phenomenon increases when the fridge coils are unclean. The fridge takes up even more energy to perform its usual function.

5. Build an Energy-Efficient Kitchen 

You might think it would be ideal to have an AC installed in your kitchen or room cooler. But, know that these can harm the environment.

Air conditioners do dissipate heat efficiently.  However, they consume way more energy and emit harmful global warming causing gases. On the contrary, conventional devices like fans and box fans serve as being more eco-friendly.

They ventilate and cool the room at almost the same rate. But, these do not release any harmful substances. Hence, it’s a better option to go with fans/box fans and make your kitchen more energy-efficient.

6. Plants Herbs & Reuse Water

An amazing way to go green without bringing in a lot of changes in your life is planting herbs. Now, you certainly don’t need to get a mow and shovel, ready for a farmer’s life.  

Instead, you require a small pot and some compost. Plant herbs like coriander and parsley that take little space and are easy to maintain. Keep them nearby a sunny window, water them daily, and get ready for some fresh herbs in your cooking ventures.  

You can go one step further to reuse the leftover water from boiling vegetables or washing fruits for plant watering.  However, make sure not to reuse any chemical-infused water.  

7. Skip on Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic accounts for a whopping 12-percent of the total waste production, with 79-percent of that, left as non-reusable. Plastic is the worst material one can ever opt for because it is non-biodegradable. No matter what the material is, it will not get decomposed. Thus accumulating until the very end.  

So, the most effective method to make your household eco-friendly is to cut down on all the plastics, especially those disposable water bottles. Alternatively, get reusable bottles and water coolers. You can use steel or glass water bottles too.

8. Switch Off – Time to Time

We talk about greenery, and we talk about materials. But one thing that we often neglect is energy resources.  The electricity we take so much for granted gets produced from valuable resources. 

According to stats, approximately 85% of these resources are non-renewable.  These include coal, oil, fossil fuels, and whatnot.  Our generations won’t get these resources if they keep on being depleted at this rate.

Hence, whenever you aren’t using things, it’s better to switch them off. For example, switch off those extra lights and fans.  Unplug the charger from the socket. Turn off the gas supply when it’s not in use.

Final Words

Summing up, to make your house truly eco-friendly, you need to make these small changes. Only putting all these together will bring about meaningful results. However, note that it does not mean your tiny effort in this direction (i.e., implementation of only one or two measures) is useless. Instead, it is much more important than the rest? 

Because your tiny effort is your Baby-Step in the right direction. Upon witnessing your mini green success, you’re likely to take more of such environment-friendly and environment-changing features.

Author Bio:
Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting articles on technology & digital marketing related topics. 

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