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There is nothing that beats the pleasure of venturing into your backyard to get vegetables for your dinner. Although maintaining a backyard garden may appear to be a great deal of hassle many times, it is not as arduous as it seems. You may plant the right seed at the right time and observe the simple garden vegetables grow practically by themselves. In addition to it, you may rest assured that these veggies are fresh and are free from any pesticides. Here are some plants that are perfectly suitable for backyard gardens or sunny apartments.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is known to be a cool weather plant that grows well during spring and fall. Early spring may be the perfect time to plant the broccoli for a summer harvest. You can plant it in late summers to get a fall harvest. For avoiding frost broccoli may also be grown inside and later transferred to a garden as temperatures soar. For achieving better results within a container you can grow a single broccoli plant for every pot. These pots need to be 12 to 16 inches deep. You need to look out for cabbage worms while growing broccoli. They love feasting on cabbage. For avoiding this damage you can cover the plant with lightweight bed sheets or floating row covers. In case you start observing the worms, just pick them out by using your hands.

2. Peas

There is nothing more fun than growing peas in your garden. The tender sweetness offered by snap peas that are plucked from a vine cannot be compared with anything found in supermarkets. Growing peas also requires less effort and it is a high-yield garden vegetable. Peas are a terrific alternative for new gardeners. All you are going to need is a 10-inch deep container with a cage or trellis to allow the plant to climb. Peas prefer colder weather and when the summer heat strikes these pea plants will give up producing. In case you have limited garden spaces, you might want to pull them up and replace them with other crops such as bell peppers.

3. Cannabis

Although the U.S. federal government still considers growing cannabis a crime, more than 30 states of the country have legalized the use to different degrees. However, growing cannabis in the backyard is a bit more difficult than other average vegetables but, not by much. For the plant to do well, they need a minimum of 6 hours under the direct sun every day and great drainage facilities. Cannabis plants will do well in normal raised beds you normally use for vegetables. You can also get help from cannabis financing and consulting firms that will guide financial as well as legal aspects of growing cannabis.

4. Tomatoes

Homegrown and fresh tomatoes are one of the top reasons why several people get into the hobby of vegetable gardening. Tomatoes, however, come with a reputation of being fussy however, if you are aware of the things you need to watch out for, this task of growing tomatoes can be hassle-free. One of the significant aspects of growing tomatoes is that they grow well in hot weather. If you face unexpected colder spells they can do quite a bit of damage. First, try to grow the seeds indoors and later during the summer transfer them outdoors especially during May. As these plants are growing, be sure to look out for signs of blight. This problem is faced in many areas of the U.S.

5. Beets

By growing beets the gardeners are getting an advantage of two for the price of one. Of course, you may harvest the beetroots for your dinners but you may also use the harvested greens as vegetables. The beetroots are at their best when they are harvested smaller about 1 or 2 inches in diameter. They are tender and sweet at this size. Relatively larger beets tend to be woody and do not possess the same flavor. You can also grow them within a container but they must be at least 12 inches deep. Every beet seed is in reality a cluster of seeds so ensure that you thin these seedlings one for every cluster after sprouting begins.


Planting vegetables and flowers in your backyard will ensure delicious harvests and bountiful bouquets suitable for your dinner table. Gardening is also terrific for your overall well-being. When you have a vegetable garden of your own you are assured of getting fresh produce that is not treated by using pesticides.

Author: Bella Clarks

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