The indoor plants are the perfect ally for decorating homes. They give life and colour to our spaces and give us incredible benefits for our general welfare.

There are even some plants that reduce stress, increase attention, creativity and make us happier. Now, imagine what they can do for our home!

Aspidistra: Imposing to Decorate Your Home

This indoor plant is surely one of the ones you have seen the most. It is known as donkey ears or pilistra. It is native to the Osumi Islands in Japan. They have large green leaves that do very well in places with little light and humidity.

They are an excellent option to decorate the house, either near the door, terrace or patios with little lighting. Its maintenance is simple and does not require great care. That is why, practically, it will grow anywhere.

According to experts, they can last up to 100 years; But to achieve this, they should only be located in a shady place since the excess sun can turn their leaves yellow and cause rickets in their development.

The aspidistra is one of those few plants that can go long without water and not be affected. However, these indoor plants tend to accumulate a lot of dust, so if it stays this way too long, the leaf’s greenness can be damaged. That is why it is also recommended to add a little water to them with a spray bottle and clean their leaves with a dry cloth.

Cactus: Plants to Decorate With Style

Cacti are perfect for home decoration because, being small, they are much more versatile and compact. In addition, they provide warmth, joy and give us the feeling of a more natural and relaxed environment.

You can have them as a centrepiece because they don’t take up much space as a detail near your kitchen window or on your desk. Wherever they are, they look beautiful!

In addition, they do not need much care since they are indoor plants with little light, which accumulate water to adapt to the habitat in which they are found. This does not mean that they are immortal. That is why we recommend keeping them in a well-lit place, avoiding extreme drafts of air and watering them once every 10 or 12 days.

If you are in summer, the frequency should increase and do it between 4 and 8 days, depending on the area in which they are.

You must bear in mind that not all cactus species directly support the sun’s rays. So, if, in that case, you have doubts, it is recommended to consult an expert according to the type of species you have.

African Violet: Indoor Flowering Plants

Small and very simple, the African violet is perfect for adding colour to any part of your home, and if it is properly cared for, it can bloom all year round.

Although these species are from Africa, they have been known to adapt to our climate. That means that to maintain it, we have to take proper care of it. For example, it is not a plant that tolerates direct light, so it should be in a cool, dry place with indirect light access. In addition, it is an indoor plant that does not tolerate excess water, so we recommend removing the excess when you finish watering it.

Its flowers have a velvety coating, which intensifies the liveliness of its colours.

Lucky Bamboo: Houseplant For Good Luck

It is a very beautiful, versatile plant of oriental origin. It has countless varieties and has fast growth. According to her story, having her at home brings good luck and attracts positive energies.

In addition, it brings a fresh and serene look to any of your spaces. That is why it is called “lucky bamboo” and is one of the indoor plants with the most fans.

It must be exposed to strong light, but not directly in the sun since its leaves would end up burning. It can grow in the light and the shade, and its stem can measure between ten centimetres and one meter. Most bamboo species need to be watered regularly, taking care that their roots are not submerged in water for long.

Geraniums: Decorate Your Home With Joy and Colour

It’s a favourite indoor flowering plant choice. Geraniums are of South African origin and have countless colours and shapes. They do not require much maintenance, which is ideal for people who are just starting gardening.

 Although they are summer flowers, it does not mean that they can withstand high temperatures. For this reason, the flowers need a good location and to be watered frequently.

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