Living green is a goal for many. However, with the overabundance of tech, work and life, actually enjoying cleaner living is more of an idea and less of a reality. Fortunately, there are easy ways you can do more for the environment in your day-to-day life. From your home to the office, there are different ways you can bring the outdoors and green technology into your life.   

1. At Home 

One of the bigger trends during the lockdown was indoor gardens, offering a therapeutic break during a stressful period. As restrictions slowly lift across the country, you can also start to bring more green tech into your home to help reduce your environmental impact while tending your home garden. This tech includes means to lower water consumption and repurpose old devices.

By taking advantage of these new tools, you can be part of the conservation effort without putting forth an excess of energy. There are a multitude of new and exciting ways for you to save the environment while saving a dollar at the same time.   

2. While Working 

Convincing your office to go green can be a difficult sell. The initial expenses can seem daunting, especially to smaller firms. However, there are ways your company can be part of the conservation movement without making major financial investments right away, for example, reimagining the office. Tell your company to look for a mobile office for sale.

By rethinking the office and space usage, managers can start to bring more nature into the office environment and let your workspace do double duty. Small efforts can lead to big changes for companies. Reducing a company’s demand for space will help lower energy demands, helping both the environment and your budget.  

3. On Your Commute 

The drive to work can either be a tedious exercise of patience or a much-needed reprieve from the noise of the day. No matter which it is for you, finding time on your commute to help the environment is challenging but necessary.

When thinking about going green, you probably think of smart cars like Tesla, an expensive investment that not many can make. However, there are few different ways you can take part in green commuting without breaking the bank. Depending on the weather and distance, consider your options which work best for you. Whether you walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation, you can help the environment every day on your way to and from work. 

4. During Vacation 

Going on vacation sounds like a pre-COVID luxury. As vaccine rollout increases globally, more destinations are opening up to tourism again. While travel may not be the same, some trends are continuing to see growth. One of these trends is ecotourism. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have invested in these trends as a solution to the environmental impact of travel.

As you seek to satiate your wanderlust, consider looking at sustainable destinations so, as you explore the world, you are doing your part to help save it. Tourism influences many cities and countries. By using your vacation time to travel responsibly, you can be part of the effort to encourage destinations to go green.   

5. In Your Free Time 

Even in your time off, you can make a difference to the environment. Simple steps like turning off lights you aren’t using or being selective in your purchases can go a long way in helping. While it may feel like a small part of the necessary change, the more people who participate, the larger the influence.

You can start with the way you eat. An easy way to reduce pollution and live more sustainably is to shop locally. Additionally, you can look to curtail your use of disposable items. As you look for ways to go green, be sure to look at the small steps you can take to be part of this movement. 

Introducing new ways to conserve is a great way to show your appreciation of nature and enjoy it for years to come. 

Author: Finnegan Pierson