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Considering that it’s been almost over a year that you’ve been working from home, it’s time that you find some healthy solutions for yourself. Lately, the idea of garden offices has been gaining massive popularity, thanks to its life-changing effects. Let’s look at a few today.

1. Boosts Creativity

Did you know? Plants can boost creativity by 15 percent! Perhaps, that explains why your employer emphasized more on filling up the office with greener pots than anything else. (Or probably they were just obsessed. But well, never mind!)

Plants make the mind a lot calmer. Thus, promoting feelings of happiness and boosting productivity. When the mind is stressed, you can do nothing but mess up things. The opposite is true for the vice versa, i.e., a calmer mind would mean more organized thoughts! And better work performance!

2. Provides Comfortable Environment for Work 

Being humans, nature is our natural best friend. When in trouble, it’s the natural remedies that heal us. When happy, it’s nature that soothes us. For that very reason, a garden office is highly likely to provide you with an incomparably comfortable working experience. The connection between you and nature is automatic.

What’s more, a garden office is quite very energy-efficient. You need not invest in lights and fans. Or even if you do, you won’t need it most of the time. The natural sunlight and wind will do the job! They will keep you cool and facilitated without adding big figures to the electricity bill.

3. Provides Privacy 

A garden office and privacy – Sounds like the most opposite ideas. No?

But well, let’s see it this way: for those of you working at home on a certain corner of the table or the corner of a shared room (such as lounge or room), it provides a completely separate space. It’s more like having a dedicated space outside the house when you can not have one inside.

Besides, most garden office setups these days come with three/ four walls to provide you with a separate space.

4. Inexpensive & Refreshing 

Although some of us began working from home without proper preparations, the additional expense of arranging a home office at the time of pandemic was a major concern back in early 2020. Buying an ergonomic chair, table and allocating a separate corner for work purposes was not only challenging but expensive too. Plus, constantly sitting in one place with eyes glued to the screens, life became rather tiring and depressing.

In comparison to all of this, a garden office provides a good chance. It is inexpensive to set up because you need not invest in wallpaper, lighting, and other stuff. You will not need to invest in a partition to separate the space. Plus, it is also refreshing with all the greenery, chirping birds, and fresh air around.

5. Takes Little Time to Set Up

Along with being inexpensive, garden offices demand very little time to set up. If you decide to be ornate and elaborate, then the whole process can take a week at most. And that’s true if you opt for a DIY garden office. You’d have to buy tools, raw material, think of a design, and build.

However, if you opt to buy a ready-to-use garden office setup, then it may even take less than a day. For example, you can visit Quick Garden’s company website to browse and pick an artsy garden office setup for yourself. 

6. Substitutes the Lack of Social Interactivity

When confined to the four walls of home 24/7, life can become unbearably depressing. And the case is worse if you live alone. In actuality, the lack of social activity and interactivity became a major reason for increased levels of depression during the pandemic.

Luckily, a garden office substitutes for this lack of social interactivity well. It may not provide you with office staff for interaction. But witnessing people walking by, watching your neighbor’s dog playing with yours, observing kids playing across the street, and much more – all of these substitutes well. The human presence around provides ample distraction and keeps depressive thoughts away.

Final Words

Of course, the list of an office garden’s benefits is endless. I could keep on listing and listing and still never truly sum it all up. That’s just one of the many miracles of nature. You cannot fully comprehend the potential of the greenery that surrounds you. You cannot fully understand your mind’s and body’s blooming relation with the healthy surroundings. But I hope the above six points have brought the most relevant benefits to your knowledge. And I hope you take the necessary measure, i.e., set up a garden office for the better. Good luck!

Author Bio:
Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting articles on technology & digital marketing related topics. 

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