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The concept of “going green” is not just a fancy, fashionable term tossed around by modern environmentalists. In the light of climate change, global warming, and several other environmental problems, it has become increasingly important for everyone to become eco-friendly in their daily lives. Whether you run a college essay writing service or you’re just a student, there are several ways that you can contribute your quota to the go green initiative. By slightly changing your daily habits, you can join the fight to protect the planet and solve environmental issues. In this guide, we will discuss some of the easiest ways through which college students can make their commute more eco-friendly and achieve sustainability on college campuses. So read on to find out more. 

Going Green: What Is It About? 

Just before we delve into further details, it’s important to address a crucial question that may be playing on your lips. What does go green mean? Well, the first thing you need to know about this initiative is that it is more than just a handy PR campaign strategy that brands seem to fall back on when they’re trying to attract a new set of customers. 

Going Green involves more than just recycling old bulbs and holding up “Save the planet” placards. Rather, it is all about living life in a way that contributes towards preserving the natural environment and saving the earth. From switching to organic products to using eco-friendly commute options, there are many ways you could make going green easy. 

How to Make Your Commute More Eco-friendly 

In today’s world, there is a heightened awareness of the dangers and harm that carbon-fueled vehicles cause to the environment. As a college student, you can minimize this damage and align your commute to environmental preservative values by following these tips:

Walk or cycle to class or any other destination 

If your destination isn’t so far off, you could try walking or riding a bike instead of using your car. Trust us, we know; walking to class can be a chore especially if you have a car that can get you to your destination in about half the time. However, there are several advantages to riding a bike or walking to class and any other destination within a reasonable distance. 

For one, this method helps to reduce carbon emissions that your vehicle may cause when in motion. Secondly, it also serves as a form of exercise, strengthening your body and keeping you in tip-top shape. So there you are: keeping fit while saving the planet at the same time. 

Purchase eco-friendly vehicles 

Here’s the thing: when buying a new car, looking out for eco-friendly features may not be the first thing that may pop up in your head. However, studies have shown that emissions from cars and trucks can be quite harmful to the environment. As such, you should look out for environmentally friendly or green vehicles

This brings us to the big question: what exactly is a green car? To put it simply, a green car is a vehicle that is less harmful than most internal combustion vehicles that are powered by gasoline. Usually, eco-friendly cars are either powered by alternative fuels or modern technologies. A great example is the Mini Cooper SE, which is an electric car. 

Carpool with fellow students, friends, and family 

Carpooling is a fun, exciting activity. However, this bonding activity can also serve as a measure to protect the environment. As such, if you’re trying to make your daily habits more eco-friendly, you can go with this measure. 

Carpooling significantly reduces your carbon footprints by splitting it up amongst the occupants in your vehicle. For instance, if you’re visiting a museum and you carpool with four friends who own cars as well, there’d be just one car emitting carbon waste, rather than five. 

Keep your car in good working conditions 

Having a car with faulty parts is more than just a minor inconvenience. Believe it or not, a faulty car may be causing more harm to the environment than you probably know. For instance, if the car exhaust is faulty, it could emit harmful fumes into the air and pollute the environment further. As such, it’s important to ensure that your car remains in excellent condition. This way, you can protect the environment and equally save yourself the cost of buying a new car. Vehicle owners can also refinance title loans to keep maintenance costs down and have extra spending money for a rainy day.

Final Thoughts 

As a college student, it’s important to do your bit in the right against environmental pollution and degradation. With these tips listed above, you can now make your daily commute more eco-friendly. If you do not own a car, using public transportation is still very much an environmentally friendly option. 

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