More people than ever before are trying to lower their carbon footprint and are taking steps to become eco-friendlier. In particular, homeowners are consciously trying to make better decisions when it comes to renovating their properties. A common question that is asked a lot: are laminate floors an eco-friendly choice? The answer is yes. 

Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this question.

Understanding Laminate Flooring

First of all, it is important to realize the material that makes laminate flooring. This is a material that is made from a combination of resin and fibreboard. In addition, wood pulp is used and the easy comparison to make is that laminate floors are like paper in the way they are constructed.

The good thing is that manufacturers are aware that people want to make sustainable choices. This means that they craft eco-friendly products and buyers can enjoy peace of mind that the flooring they are selecting is going to be an environmentally healthy choice. Some flooring can be created from up to 80 percent recycled materials. 

Additionally, some supplies will have eco-focused initiatives. For instance, for floorings available at, be it grey wood flooring or coloured Dimas wood, a tree will be planted for each floor sold.

 In particular, you want to look for flooring that has been made from FSC and PEFC certified forests. This ensures that there are no pesticides or heavy metals during the process. Over the years, the process of making laminate flooring has improved. This means that it can have a positive environmental impact. A lot of manufacturers now use advanced production facilities, which ensure that emissions are low and the process of making laminates is efficient.

The Upkeep and Life Cycle

The upkeep of laminate is easy too. For instance, a lot of people choose a flooring that is eco-friendly to make, but when it comes to cleaning, it requires harsh chemicals. But, this does not apply to laminate floors. You do not have to use any chemicals that are bad for the environment. All you need is a wet mop and perhaps some vinegar.

What’s more, a lot of people do not realize that laminate is recyclable. This is surprising for some homeowners to hear since the same cannot be said about hardwood and tile flooring. While hardwood might become wood pulp and serve another purpose, most people will dump their tiles. The great thing about laminate is that it is completely recyclable and parts can even be repurposed. For instance, a lot of people will assume really old and worn laminate has had its day. But professionals can turn it into wood chips or another fiber at a chipboard center.

 Is Laminate Eco-Friendly?

So, to answer the question, laminate flooring is an eco-friendly choice you can make during remodeling. Professionals make it out of recycled materials in low-emission production facilities. What’s more, this type of flooring is easy to maintain, which means using no harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment. And when you are ready to change the floors, you can recycle your old laminate flooring.

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