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Over the last couple of years the world has gone through some unprecedented circumstances. As a result, it has led to a dynamic shift within the needs of the people. For instance, we have been experiencing the demand for products of a domain rise at a steady rate over the same period. The domain in consideration is the herbal substance consumption market. Moreover, amongst the products, cannabis has been on a meteoric rise ever since the pandemic struck.

With lockdown kicking and people shifting to working from models worldwide, the average stress and anxiety levels have increased many folds. The fact that people across the globe have the four walls of their homes makes it worse. In this stressful situation, cannabis has become a go-to product for the people of America. It is also equally popular across all age groups.

Black Rabbit cannabis-based products do not just provide you with momentary relief. You can also take specific dosages and cure other problems you might be experiencing. Worth highlighting is that certain products even come with the regulatory and statutory bodies’ approvals which further increases the acceptability of the product.

Another aspect of the products is that they can grow quite quickly. Yes, it can even grow in your background without any hassle. Hence nowadays, more and more people are drawn towards cannabis

Can we grow cannabis in our backyards?

The answer is YES! You can now grab a shovel and dig out some soil in your backyard and have a neat little cannabis plantation of your own. There are three modes of Cannabis production. They are applicable both on industrial manufacturing scale and private plantations. They are as follows:

Mix -Light Cultivation  

There are three available modes of Cultivation. It is the cheapest option and the easiest to implement in terms of the tools and the space required to carry out the plantation. In this mode, the greenhouse effects are handy, where heat is generated during the day from the sun. The energy requirements need to be met for other processes as well. 

It is economical and makes the overall process sustainable. The usage of renewable sources of energy makes the environment a better place to live.

Indoor Cultivation

This mode of Cannabis cultivation requires the least amount of land coverage. But in this mode of cultivation, there is heavy reliance on the water supply from artificial sources. As it is situated indoors, rain is not helpful. Indoor cultivation also has a substantial amount of energy consumption. Lights are required to meet the energy requirements of the plants for photosynthesis.

As you can guess from the problems, the cost associated with the process is substantially high. Hence this mode of cultivation is not very popular these days on an industrial scale. But at the same time, this is the most widely opted mode to grow cannabis in their own little private space.

 Outdoor Cultivation

The outdoor model of plantation is one of the most widely used around the world for industrial cultivation. This mode of cultivation is used both by large corporations as well as mid-sized organizations. In outdoor cultivation, all the factors such as water availability, energy availability are essential. The key resources are obtained directly from the environment itself. Hence, this mode of plantation is the most popular in both the USA and around the world.

Just growing any other plant cultivation, there are benefits that a plantation provides to the land in and in the general environment in and around it. We have listed a few of them below:

Pros of Cannabis Cultivation

Soil Replenishment due to slash and burn

There is a widely used practice of cultivating soil on it. Then burning away the top layer of soil provides nutrients back for another round of cultivation. This practice induces a sustainable growth of the plantations and repeated use of the same land. So, it comes with two benefits.

Enhances practice of use of renewables

Just like mix-light and outdoor cultivations, dependency on renewable sources of energy is present. Such as solar energy, wind energy, and monsoons. It saves a ton of resources that can be useful elsewhere as per need. It makes a meaningful contribution to the betterment of the environment.

Air cleansing

Any plant provides free of cost air cleansing. The fresh air available from plants is always refreshing and helps in keeping people fit and fine.

Temperature Control in the surroundings 

Any plantation and cultivation provide a substantial reduction of emission of greenhouse gases. Those gases usually increase the temperature of the earth. Cultivation of cannabis can tackle this swiftly.

Creating sustainability is not just the environment, but also the economy

The harvest generated from cannabis is a source of revenue for not just big corporations but also individuals. It creates a positive impact on the lives of many who rely on cannabis for their livelihood.

Just like everything else in this world. Everything comes with two sides. Similar is the case of the plantations. We have listed a few cons below: 

Cons of Cannabis Cultivation

Water Discharge

The water discharge from the plants growing can cause issues and even require treatment before dumping. 

 Energy Consumption

Just like indoor cultivation, the light given to the plants comes from artificial sources. It causes expenditure in terms of energy utilization. Measures are underway to move the lights via solar panels these days.

Author: Kaitlin Justice

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