Smoking Weed: Good or Bad For the Environment?

The present-day world is rough, fatiguing, and demanding. A statement on which many working American adults will agree. The reasons are often many, but the biggest are stress, anxiety, and depression in many individuals. It is because of long working hours, persistent deadlines, and those pesky monthly manager reviews for many employees. For college-going scholars, stress because of the never-ending tests, exams, and the struggle to get good grades.

A problem needs a solution for many. The issue of stress makes people turn to ways to cope. Many turn to chemical drugs as doctors typically prescribe them. The most common ones are anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, and many more. They are the most prominent solution but not often the best ones. Many users complain of various side-effects, which can also be severe for many. There have been numerous cases where the users develop dangerous allergies to the skin, respiratory disorders as a side-effect. Several times users file lawsuits against big pharmaceutical companies, but they are hardly successful.

The above instances forced many to turn to other alternatives to cope up with the increasing mental burdens. Some of the options range from alcohol, marijuana-based products, smoking, vaping, and weed. Marijuana-based products are often considered dangerous because of the possibility of addiction. Alcohol and Smoking addiction cause diseases to the user’s respiratory organs and neural system. Weed is the most popular and trusted option among all Cannabis Ontario products. 

Studies conducted by Statista show that more than 25% of adult Americans consumed weed in 2018. To put these figures into perspective, it is equal to the consumers of Vaping and Cigars in the country.

What Makes Weed so Popular?

Weed originates from the pointed leaves of the famous cannabis plant. The cannabis plant first came in central Asia, and then due to the ongoing globalization, it was introduced in many other parts of the world. Africa, England, and America were some of the major countries where the cannabis plant came into the picture. It was well-received, particularly in the United States of America. The popularity was so much that many individuals started growing it illegally.

One of the reasons weed is so widely available is that the Cannabis plant is easy to grow. It requires minimal maintenance and easy to implement agricultural practices. Weed originates by various methods from the leaves of the plant. These can be artificial or natural. The artificial extraction maintains the quality of the extract, and the natural process keeps the product organic. 

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Weed is the trendsetter since the start of the last decade. One of the main reasons why it is so popular is that it is versatile. You can roll weed inside a fine paper or keep it inside a vaping pen. 

Weed is arguably the most popular and controversial topic in the United States of America at the same time. Now you mix the environment with it, then you get a volatile cocktail. The balance is tough to maintain and often impossible to achieve. 

Some of the environmental benefits that come with smoking weed are-


The more the demand for weed, the more cultivation of the cannabis plant is required. The extract of weed has Hemp as the main constituent. It comes from the stem and leaves of the cannabis plant. The plant is biodegradable and requires less maintenance. The amount of water for cultivation is much less than the other crops. It makes it sustainable for the environment. Hemp is also handy as an alternative for many other products. Several industries have actively used Hemp in products like paper, strings, and many more. One new trend is using Hemp as an alternative to plastic which can prove vital in the future.

Green Energy and Efficient Techniques

With time the technology in agriculture has evolved. The focus is on being sustainable and using eco-friendly practices. As weed cultivation in the United States of America is legal, it will only make the landowners use much more efficient techniques. These cannabis plants are so efficient that they can be grown on your rooftops. Yes, you read that right. The cultivation of weed does not require any complicated techniques, which are a boon to the environment. After all, who does not like a rooftop garden?

Effective Way to Cope

Adults crave an alternative that makes them relax and is not chemically based. One of the biggest reasons why individuals look for an alternative to chemical-based drugs is safety. As described above, chemical drugs may leave short/term side effects on the consumer. These can be serious and cause severe consequences on the already suffering patient.

Weed is organic and can have the same positive effects on the consumer. It interacts with the receptors of the brain and causes an immediate soothing effect in the body. The added benefit is no side effects on the consumers, irrespective of the age. Using weed as an alternative to chemical drugs can save much pollution. Pharmaceutical companies are notoriously famous for causing air and water pollution through smoke and waste effluents. Weed cultivation will help us achieve a balance between medicinal benefits and the environment.

As there are always two sides to a coin, some of the disadvantages of smoking weed are-

Air Pollution 

One of the most widely reported disadvantages of smoking weed is air pollution which comes from it. Weed, when taken through a vape pen, produces fumes that can go into the atmosphere. These fumes vanish in minutes, but the effect on the air around them is long-lasting. The fumes contain harmful fine particles and smoke, which is disastrous for many in the close vicinity.

Harmful to Animals 

Smoking weed and cultivating it releases some harmful chemicals. Constituents in the fumes contain chemicals like Bromethalin, which are a threat to animals. While growing the cannabis plant, it secretes these chemicals in the soil. Scientific studies show that the chemicals can cause harm to the plants and rodents present in the ecosystem.


When the phenomenon of weed was new, many states declined to accept it legally. However, studies have shown proven instances where it helped consumers physically and emotionally. It has made many states legalize the distribution and production of weed and cannabis-based products. It is legal to grow cannabis plants federally now, and most of the states legally allow individuals to smoke weed. However, in the future, more focus should be laid on eco-friendly practices in weed cultivation. More studies in stopping the secretion of harmful chemicals need to be there. It will be beneficial and expand the market of weed further.

Author: Kaitlin Justice