The environment is severely affected by humane actions and habits. There are so many environmental issues that seem to have no solution at all. There is the problem of plastic pollution, climate change, the death of animals, insects, and flowers, the sixth extinction that is already happening, deforestation, waste management, and many more. To protect the environment and reach the target imposed by the UN by 2030, we need to take action now. This includes changing our habits and behaviors in addition to implementing more laws. However, as the population of the Earth is constantly growing, there is more and more pressure put on it.

At the same time, every country has its own government, laws, and regulations that need to be followed. And to trigger a global movement to protect the planet and reduce the environmental disaster we are causing might seem challenging and difficult. However, international eco laws could be the solution we are all looking for.

The solution urges some businesses to adopt healthier and more sustainable ways of producing and delivering their products to the public. Some countries have already built some eco laws that help them align with the UN’s mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Many things contribute to the rise of these emissions, so it is important to address each issue and reduce its impact on the environment. So, how are eco laws helping with environmental

Reducing Pollution

Climate change is mainly caused by the activity of humans. Since the industrial period where lots of factories have been built and the rapid development of technology and society happened in just a few years, we have emitted tons of greenhouse gases. We are currently emitting over 50 billion tons of CO2 per year, one of the main greenhouse gases. These gases are trapping the heat and it remains in our atmosphere for quite a long time. This causes the change of our
climate, making it hotter and warmer than ever.

Cars are some of the main greenhouse gases emitted and people are using cars very often. Some of these emit more greenhouse gases than others, so an eco law to limit this was introduced to France. Those who have high-polluting cars are required to pay extra for the car. Moreover, they have introduced an annual tax that has to be paid by people who own cars who pollute a lot. This could represent the beginning of renouncing personal cars and starting using
alternative methods of transportation that are more eco-friendly.

Plastic Tax

Another thing that is damaging the environment is the use of plastics. Plastics are so deeply intertwined with our lives and lifestyles that it is difficult to let them go. Even our devices have some kind of plastic in them, so completely letting go of plastics is a difficult thing to do. However, the plastics that are affecting the environment the most are single-use plastic.

For instance, whenever you go to the shop, they offer you a free plastic bag. If you want to buy coffee, they put it into a plastic cup. Even cocktails at bars have plastic straws. The category of single-use plastics is broader and bigger than this. And one of the countries that imposed limitations and established an eco law aimed to reduce the consumption of plastic is Thailand. There, the problem of waste management and plastic pollution is a
pressing and real one.

They produce over 2 million plastics in the country each year which, in the case of improper management, ends up in the ocean. Retailers have joined this campaign and they stopped offering plastic bags for free. There is still a long way to go until we completely eliminate the issues that are affecting the environment, but each step is contributing to a better world and a healthier planet.

The Ban of Toxic Sunscreen

There are many habits people have that are destructive to the environment. Many products we are using are disrupting the cycles of nature and they seriously affect the environment and the life it encompasses. One of these products is sunscreen. Doctors recommend the use of sunscreen because the sun’s rays are simply too strong during summer days. They can cause sunburns, as well as many other skin or health conditions. So, sunscreen seems to offer the protection you are looking for. However, almost all sunscreens have toxic compounds that are damaging marine life. Not all people are aware of this, but the government of Palau was. Palau is a small Pacific nation, home to some of the most amazing and incredible marine life.

There you can see a wide diversity of corals, reef fish, and many other marine animals. However, the area suffered from major coral bleaches that happened over the last few years. Some of these are due to the harsh climate changes. Others, due to the toxic compounds some sunscreens have. So, they have banned certain ingredients that many sunscreens have that contribute to the death of marine life, the bleaching of corals, and the intensification of climate


Although many nations have yet to establish eco laws, many are starting to recognize the severity of the issues. Climate change is a real problem that is affecting the whole planet so we need to take measures to prevent and slow it.

Human activity has caused climate change to happen so fast, so it is up to us to repair our mistakes. Eco laws could help solve some pressing environmental issues such as plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. More and more countries are introducing laws that aim to protect the environment, the planet, and all the life that is on it. Hopefully, we will manage to do this until it will be too late.

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