People are more aware of growing climatic and environmental concerns, and hence they are opting for environment-friendly items made from sustainable materials. From buying electric cars to using GHG-free kitchen appliances, people prefer better things for the environment. Your garage door is one major part of optimizing your house to be more energy-efficient. Being a significant opening to your home, selecting the right type of garage door will contribute in a big way toward your eco-friendly efforts. 

An eco-friendly garage door is manufactured in a way that has a minimal environmental impact. These doors not only reduce your energy consumption but also increase your energy efficiency and saving. As there are many factors that you can consider when buying a new garage door, this guide presents five tips that will help you select an eco-friendly garage door. 

1. Quality Materials Improve Door’s Durability and Lifespan 

Wood garage doors might provide a more natural elegance look, but they are prone to weather conditions. Frequent exposure to weather, wind, rain, and heat can damage them. Due to these reasons, wooden garage doors require regular maintenance, which might increase your expenses. 

Doors made from composite steel are naturally strong and can stand extreme weather conditions. They provide easy installation and provide more durability as well. Steel garage doors may offer you a long-lasting solution but are susceptible to dents and scratches. 

Be it metal or wooden; your eco-friendly garage door should be durable. Durable doors continue to operate even after considerable wear and tear,  so frequent replacement isn’t required. By regular inspection and following good garage door maintenance tips, you can improve your garage door’s life and efficiency. 

2. Opt for Garage Doors Made From Sustainable/Recycled Materials

Most eco-friendly garage doors are made from sustainable or recycled materials, such as reclaimed wood or steel. For a wooden garage door, make sure they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Manufacturing eco-friendly doors from reclaimed wood requires less work. It also reduces the demand for new trees and their carbon footprint.

Always identify the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) label, which labels items under environmentally preferable products if they are made from 85% recycled content. Select doors made of recycled wood or metal as they use fewer resources than doors made from new materials.

3. Prioritize Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency

Since your garage door occupies an ample space of your house, it has a significant impact on your energy efficiency. A poorly insulated door will allow maximum heat and air to enter or leave your home. This will make things harder for your conditioners or heaters to keep temperatures intact. 

A well-insulated eco-friendly garage door will keep the air in or out. This will balance the temperature inside your house. Since there isn’t any heat loss or gain, there is less air conditioning usage, reducing your monthly bills and saving energy. 

If you already have an eco-friendly garage door, it’s important to identify any gaps in the door’s perimeter. If so, use cotton fiber to seal the gaps. Good insulation makes your door quieter while functioning.

You can also opt for no-window doors. A windowless garage door traps the air inside or vice versa, which saves a lot of energy. 

4. Buy From an Eco-Friendly and Reliable Source

Always research the production methods adopted by manufacturers before buying an eco-friendly garage door. Make sure the manufacturers follow environmentally-friendly techniques and practices for harvesting wood or use recycled materials. 

Buy from suppliers who comply with the environmental regulations and use certified logging practices that ensure long-term sustainability and don’t harm the rainforests. From production to transportation, your supplier should follow sustainability practices as efficiently and green as possible.

5. Pay Attention to Your Garage Door Operating System

Take your energy-saving efforts a step further. A garage door opener is as essential as your garage door. They consume a considerable amount of energy. Most modern garage openers come with high-tech features and are designed to consume little power on standby mode. 

Go for a solar-powered door. This ensures zero emissions while reducing your utility costs. Another advantage of using solar-powered garage door openers is that they function well even on power outages.  


Since a garage door is the biggest and consistently used part of your house, it is often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Provide proper lubrication and inspection to reduce wear and tear. Also, regular maintenance will keep your eco-friendly garage door durable for a long time. 

Green garage doors help you play your part in saving the environment but selecting the right eco-friendly door is always challenging. In-depth research is a must to drive your efforts toward establishing an environmentally-friendly garage door. 

This guide will help you identify a green garage door and help you take another step that impacts the environment positively

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