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Let our environment be nothing but a plastic bag. Staying eco-friendly is essential for both our health and the environment. But people think that it’s impossible to stay eco-friendly in a big city, and it’s too expensive so that they will have money on such activities if they play casino games and win a jackpot. But it’s wrong, and everyone can make these 9 eco-friendly activities their daily habits.

Environment plastic bag

Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping not environment plastic bag

Buy products in environmentally friendly packaging. So we don’t let our environment be nothing but a plastic bag. For example, get sauce in a glass bottle because plastic ketchup packets can’t even be recycled if you want to. When choosing pasta, buy one that’s packaged in a cardboard box. Cardboard is easily recyclable. Especially while plastic packaging will poison the environment for centuries.

Choose a Canvas Bag versus a plastic bag

It’s eco-friendly and convenient. A canvas bag, unlike a plastic one, does not tear and holds more groceries. Moreover, you can carry it on your shoulder. To make sure you don’t forget your bag when you go to the store, place it in the trunk of your car – it won’t take up much space.

Save on Electricity While Cooking for the Environment

Remember to put a lid on your cookware when you’re cooking or boiling water. This slows down the evaporation of liquids that increases electricity consumption and also lengthens cooking time by 20-30%. Once the water has boiled, switch to a low-temperature cooking mode. Remember also that cookware that does not match the diameter of the stove burner “steals” 5-10% of the energy.

Buy Pen Refills Instead of Getting a New Pen for the Environment

Statistics show that a regular ballpoint pen is used by 92% of the world’s population. And most of them are made of plastic, which increases the amount of plastic waste. Inserting a new pen refill in an old one that has run out of ink not only saves you money on a new pen, it also reduces plastic waste and helps the environment.

Use Natural Detergents to Clean Your Home

Natural detergents are safe for the environment and your health. Besides, they are not tested on animals. Instead of artificial fragrances, they contain essential oils, and chemicals have been replaced by lactic and fruit acids. They are safe for children, and many of them can even be used to water plants without worrying about them dying.

Clean Your Windows With a Microfiber Cloth

Window cleaning chemicals are being replaced with microfiber rags. They are designed for mirrors and glass – microfiber rags clean the surface without leaving streaks. If you cannot buy such a thing, give preference to window cleaners based on plant components. Their manufacturers make cleaning products based on vinegar. It is not as harmful to our health and the environment as popular cleaners that contain glycol esters.

Use a Medium Spin Speed on Your Washing Machine

The more spins your washing machine makes when it’s running, the more electricity it uses. Setting the mode at 1000, 1200, or 1600 revolutions per minute is not only not environmentally friendly but also impractical. If at 800 revolutions, the residual moisture of the laundry is 70%, then at 1000 revolutions, it is 60%. The result is almost the same. Both laundries will dry in the same amount of time, and the difference in electricity spent will be disproportionately large.

Wash Your Dishes With a Viscose Cellulose Sponge

Natural viscose sponges are made from recycled cellulose without the use of plastic. When dry, a viscose sponge is stiff and brittle, but when wet, it becomes soft and gentle. Viscose sponges absorb moisture well and foam easily. The cost of such sponges is not much higher than their foam rubber counterparts, but they are more durable and natural than synthetic sponges, which quickly fall into disrepair.

Brew Loose Leaf Tea Instead of Disposable Tea Bags

Tea bags are convenient but harmful for your health, as it increases the level of fluoride compounds in the body. Environmentalists say that they are also dangerous for the environment. Tea bags are made not from recycled materials but wood pulp. So help the environment and drink leaf tea.

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